Fox Farm Nutrients

I ordered some fox farm nutrients yesterday and the feeding schedule says to flush them every 3 or 4 weeks. I remember reading in Roberts bible to only flush as a last resort. Can anyone verify which way to go with this ?

Actually Robert does talk about the requirements of flushing in his book and here on the blog/guides and it depends on various factors:

Thanks Mac. So as long as my ph/ec levels are in check and there are no visible problems, I can skip the flush.

I also believe this to be a matter of choice. Many growers do it either way; And, yes, I too believe this is something to be dictated by circumstances, and different factors.

Good choice with the foxfarm. I have a lot of friends who swear by it. :slight_smile: Peace

Indoor soil grow.

Speaking of FoxFarm, I noticed on the feeding schedule that multiple solutions are added most days. Can I mix all those solutions together in the same water. (I fill my jugs with water, then add the stuff. Right now, I’ve got a half dozen labeled jugs. It would be nice to cut it down to a single.)


I should have played around the Fox Farm website earlier. I got my answer. As long as you mix everything in the water you’re fine.

Exactly; Never mix concentrates together. I always mix mu nutrients in a 5 gallon bucket. By adding an airstone; you can continue to use this mix for up to 2 weeks

By airstone are you talking about what I used to use in my aquarium before the “bubbler” became popular?

Pretty much. But the fine grain large air stones are best. You want twice as much air per volume that you would for fish. So an air pump and air stones that would be good for a 10 gallon aquarium of fish would be good for up to 5 gallons of water in DWC, oh wait, you probably don’t need this much just for storing pre-mixed nutrients, never mind, lol.

Ahh. Now I get it. What I was referring to was what my grandfather used in his aquarium setup. It was a stone that dissolved over time, adding oxygen to the water instead of having a pump. He made a big deal out of making sure I was there to “help him” put the new one in when the old one was gone.

I’ve got an old airpump and some hose around here somewhere. I’ll bet there’s some stones as well. Hmmm, I wonder how the plants would do If I put an aquarium in my grow room. Then a couch, a tv, and a little refrigerator…


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You could do it if you want to, lol.

My wife will hate you.

Nothing wrong with living in a :mrgreen: environment :smiley:

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