What is the minimum amout of time
that you should flush your girls
before harvasting ?
I had found a few mites on 2 plants
And I would like to harvasting them
Before it gets to bad . What would
be a good (minimum ) amount of
time you could flush ?
Any help would be appreciated.

Pretty sure 72 hours of dark

Thanks for your help
I put out a post asking about
Cleaning a room after all the girls
Are out
I was told 1 cup
Of bleach to 1 gallon of water would
Kill all mites including eggs,
I’ve gotten an answer telling me that
Using Decmaacous earth , not the kind
You use for pools, will take care
Of mites also. Could you tell me
If this product is a liquid, dust,
Or whatever and if it would be
A available at a grow
Store, or is there a website to
Get this stuff?
Thanks for your help

“DE”; Is fossilized shell flour. You can eat it, put it in Juice pudding yogurt, and it is used as a filler in foods sold on the shelf in grocery stores. You can feed it to your pets! It rids both animals and humans of parasites, and we all have them. It contains the full spectrum of minerals. It is mined out od the ground out West.

I buy Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade CODEX, in 50 lb bags on ebay. You may be able to find a smaller bag. I used to sell 5lb. bags in my hydroshop.

So if I was to use this for ridding
Of spidermites, would I mix this
With water and spray my plants and grow
Room? Or would I use this as a dust
Like Seven Dust and just toss it around
The room and on the plants ?
Any help would be appreciated
On how to apply this for the room and
On the plants.
Thanks for your help
Your making things easier

You use a common garden duster pump. You can also sprinkle some on the top of the medium if growing in soil, and on the floor. I once had mites so bad, that I put the pot in a plastic trash bag, secured the bag around the stem and held the plant upside down, and sprinkled the whole plant’s underside. :slight_smile:

BTW 3 days is minimum for flushing plant if using a clearing agent, such as; Flora Kleen, Final Phase, etc. 1-2 weeks without clearing agent. Personal choice. Peace

Ok great thanks
By the way, when it comes to
Harvasting my plants. Is it ok to
Harvast the plants with the dusting
On them or do you wash them off
With water ? And will the effect
The taste of the grow ?
Appreciating your help

I give the plants a shower under tepid water. I place plastic bag arpund pot and secure it. I place plant in shower after I have it adjusted correctly at tepid temps…

I place plant in a room with a lot of air circulation in order to allow it to dry out really well. This helps to prevent mold, nildew from forming on the wet buds. I use 2-3 oscillating fans to move the air. Let plant dry for about 2 days before harvest.

Hope this helps. It is what I do :mrgreen:

I see on eBay that they have the
Diatomaceous earth, and also listed
Another one as water type, I take it
That this one you would mix with water.
If so, would you recommend using the
Powder type rather than the liquid?
All your help is being appreciated

DTE is tiny petrified bugs. Very sharp edges to the pieces. Bugs and worms crawl in it, it pierces their skin and they die. (that’s the theory behind it.)

DTE is also used in pool filters.

I would not use the liquid myself.

When I use it, I sprinkle it around the base of my plant(s).

<span style=“color: red;”>You absolutely cannot use Pool filter DE!!! It is not manufactured for human consumption, and is not safe.</span>

There is no adding water. That is B.S. It is like mixing sand with water. it doesn’t happen. Please. I gave you perfectly clear instructions, and there are no variances.