Flushed n leaves turning yellow fast

Do you think it is done? I thought it’s pretty close since most of the white hairs turned orange n it’s been a while so I flushed it with distilled water about twice as much as pot size. Run off was like 200 ppm. Leaves are turning yellow rather fast on top it seems while still greener near bottom. Maybe I waited to long to flush idk. Hard to gauge when it’s gonna be done. So should I harvest b4 it all turns yellow or does it not matter? Or are yellow leaves just as good for smoke? Ty!

Don’t know how to answer your smoking yellow leaves question but the color of the leaves is not the best way to determine the doneness of your plant. You’ll need at least a jewlers loop and will want to harvest at the point the trichomes on the buds are at least all milky vs clear and up to 50% amber in color. More amber = more couchlock up to 50% amber after that you begin to loose thc potency to degradation. Another helpful marker is 90% of pistols turned red means you are right close to harvest.


Yes I understand that but I really can’t tell by the trichomes. It’s too hard to tell for me and I’m worried bc all the leaves turning yellow, I might not have a choice but to harvest. I’d prefer less couch lock but I’d prefer less yellow leaves more as I’ve never seen yellow buds n that worries me the most

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That what’s supposed to happen the soil dosnt have enough nutrients and everything is being used even the energy from the leaves, only water :droplet: no nutes … it’s starting to eat itself


You have about 2 weeks left I’d tough it out at least until your sugar leaves start turning


Do you keep the yellow sugar leaves? As I understand people still use the sugar leaves, I just don’t remember ever seeing any yellow

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Some people make hash with the trichs from sugar leaves, but in my experience it’s more hassle than it’s worth.

I trim flower and throw the rest out.


Yup flushed a tad too soon and shes snacking on her leaves. Try to ease her across the finish line of possible.

Some save trim and sugar leaves and use it for edibles and oils yes.


How would u suggest I ease her across the Finnish line? A little cal mag and/or touch of P or K. Or molasses in water?

Kinda depends. How far into flower is she?

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Like a dumbass, I forgot to mark the date she started. I’d say 1 week, 2 at most

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A week or two from finish? Have u checked trichs?

Yes n yes. It’s a purple strain so kinda hard to see but they look all milky white to me

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In the spots i see buds definitely? Im seeing clear mostly. Few cloudy. Maybe too late to add more nutses. But if you do go LIGHT LIGHT. Like 300-400 ppms

Ya I can’t tell. I see white mostly but maybe that’s reflected white light… I’m having a really hard time getting it clear enough so I can tell they are clear

Ok I planted this auto in March n all the trichomes are still clear or cloudy. It’s way past any harvest time for any auto I know. Maybe the trichomes development got stunted bc of nute deficiencies? Should I just harvest anyway? What do do? Hasn’t gained any size as far as I can tell either

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The swell has possibly passed. Trichome maturity is the key to harvest imo. Put up a few more shots.

If you planted March 1. And she vegged 5-6 weeks thats April 7-14. Transitions 7-10 days. April 14-24. 7-8 weeks of flower MINIMUM. Like legendary flower speed lol. 49-56 more days… thats today. If she’s a regular maturing plant, id add possibly 2 more weeks to that. But since the swell stopped a good week or 2 ago? Id be watching trichs CLOSE CLOSE. You should be seeing a good bit cloudy by now.

Looking back at the top, you had nicely swollen calyx 12 days ago. Id love to see a closeup of trichs and a shot similar to the original

Well ok my friend. Here you go.new shots I thought autos took around 3 months total. At least most seed descriptions I looked at said so. I can’t tell if cloudy or clear. Too hard for me to see, but definitely NO amber. That’s all I’ve been looking for bc I could see that. I was just worried plant was getting TOO old. So please give me your best advice to do based on these photos . I tried to take pics from top n middle


She looks like she’s ready. I cant see trichs well either. But the leaves scream im done. N u have buds. May not be a perfect harvest but it seems to be in the window.

Where u holding out hope for sleepy meds?

No, wanted to just harvest at peak. It’s CBD strain so I’m not sure if that still apples? Early late harvest for narcotic or sleepy . Everyone just kept telling me to wait for amber trichomes

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