Flowers partially brown, pistils dried up?

It looks like a Kings Kush got dehydrated a couple of days ago, the plant looks generally okay, no leaves fell off but there are yellow tips on some leaves and except for the top buds, it looks like the pistils are dried up. As you can see, there are brown areas on two small buds I cut just now.

Should I harvest it now even though I don’t think it was ready, or try to keep it hydrated better and see if things get better? I think the flowers lost some of their aroma as well.

Its ur call. The calyx on the harvested buds look nicely swollen. Best way to judge maturity is with trich shots. Get a jewelers loupe or scope and check the stages of diff spots on the plant.

Clear = too early
Milky cloudy = optimal thc maturity
Amber = slighty degraded but still potent

The burnt tips look less like dehydration and more like too much Nitrogen imho.

How old from seed?

How far into flower?

What medium are u growing in?

And what supplements are u providing?

Id try to walk her as far into maturity as possible trying to be more attentive… haha anyone who knows me knows i can kill a plant of thirst EASY. They typically wilt HARD, then when rehydrated they yellow a good bit…

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If you can get a shot with a little better lighting it’d help a lot. But brown dry buds usually mean rot.

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That was my first thought as well but after looking over the pic a few times, i couldnt quite find anything scary

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Second @PurpNGold74. Those newer pics don’t look bad.

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I’m actually going to take that back. Looking over again, some spots do look pretty suspect. 2nd and 3rd pic in particular

There are whole buds towards the bottom that are mostly brown and look terrible.

I honestly couldn’t tell you. Some of the leaves look to have a little sheen to them as if hydrated. Can you get some shots of the bottom buds you mentioned and a shot of the stem they’re attached to?

Then you should probably pull her for the good of the grow area bro. Lets see the ‘bad buds’

That doggone budrot is HORRIBLE. It spreads like wildfire. And is completely illadvised and unhealthy to smoke.

This area pf the second pic looks suspicious. If the brown spots are brittle and basically come out with a pull, u gotta problem.

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Those leaves do look Eerily slick. Like revegs. And singlefingerd… plants been thru heck lol. Been there too

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I haven’t gone thru a reveg yet. Just started my first photo grow. Going to make it through, and attempt to clone the best of the 3. But the bud rot hell is real! I’ve seen it and it ain’t pretty!

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It was a week in reveg but put back into flowering

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Does budrot have a smell? These smell normal so far.

Ahhh. I gotcha. Yea she may have gotten caught back up into vegging more then the week light flip.

Honestly the time a plant did this to me, it was my first ‘good grow’ and she was a MONSTER! The reveg is what killed her tho. Pests got into the clutter and :poop: started molding… had to make a big boy decision. Tossed a potential half a pound plant for the good of the rest of the room. Broke my heart but it was the right decision to make.

A good few of those buds are tossed immediately. Those last two hands down. Do you have more plants growing? May want to inspect them asap.

Anything brown and brittle, TOSS IT


It was the last one left but was started very late into season so I brought it inside to finish. I guess I ruined this one. Looks like 80% of it is trash.

Happens man. Learning experience…

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So since there’s no moldy looking areas or weird smell, do you think I just ruined it with heat / dehydration?

Thats possible but ur leaves dont look dried. And leaves go before buds do in my experience. Ive had sugar leaves wilting on healthy buds.