Flowering time

Hey all, a questions from the new grower.
First the plants in question are 1 fem white widow, and 1 fem blueberry from ilovegrowing of corse.
Question, how long until you see signs of flower taking place. Been 8 days in the 12 hour cycle and nothing but new colas popping up all over the place. any one know of a good timelapse of a plant in close up starting its flower phase?. Anyway be safe and smoke that sweet sticky.

It can take up to a couple of weeks in the 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness per day flowering schedule for the flowers to start to show.

Thanks for that, some bad info in my neck of the woods, peeps say to cut the big shade leafs of so they don’t get in the way and so on.

The big shade leaves are the heart and lungs of the plant.

In regard to sexing; Be patient. You always have a window of 2-3 days before pollen sacks would open; However, you want to monitor the pre-flowers 2-3 times daily after a week in 12/12

What is the number 2 under happyjay mean under post