Flowering stage feeding

Hey so first thanks to everyone for ur help im adding a light and nit trimming them anymore so now my question is should i feed them nutrients i have these or is their a more organic food for the plants ? Or is water alone just fine ?

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I believe @MeEasy grows organic, or knows who does.

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I top dress once a month with the fox farm fruit and flower 4-9-3. It’s organic, and seems to work pretty well. I also top dressed with worm castings once. This one is almost done, and that’s how I did it.


Thanks for the tag @Deepsix , hi @Skinmiaster I do grow organic but I have found a premixed product that makes it so much easier than buying and mixing the nutrients separately. It’s called Earth Dust it is a two part dry amendments one mix for veg another for flower. It’s so simple you mix some of the 1st bag in your soil they top dress twice from the other bag for flower. If you want to check it out go to thegreensunshineco dot you know what

I’m not familiar with the nutrients in the picture molasses is good stuff when growing organic but it’s not enough alone. If your plants are hungry now and that’s all you have it will definitely keep them from going hungry… I don’t know if it’s organic

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Hey @Skinmiaster welcome of the quest to the organic grow. I think the molasses is really food for the microbes but as @MeEasy stated its not really food for the plants but rather food for the soil food web thing at the microbe level. If you are like many of us you will start with liquid nutrients like the ones depicted and then may move towards dry or organic amendments. Which is fine. Just be careful of how much and what products you use during the cycle. It will also depend on what you are growing, Strain, Auto, Photo etc…and stage… Veg, Flower, late Flower etc… I used Fox Farm Nutes for example to start but anything but Miracle Grow seems to be featured on various sites. Note that some growers still even swear by Miracle Grow and I know one personally who has yet to be “burned” by it though I would not recommend testing the theory. You may find that going organic improves taste and smell also and I am a big fan. Though I went to it gradually in stages and my Living Soil is probably more like Kind or Living Soil at present. This Earth Dust of which they speak seems to be an intriguing shortcut. Apologies for the unsolicited feedback from out of nowhere, good luck and happy growing!

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Well said :beers: I always say there’s no wrong way to grow just better ways :grin: and the way that works best for you is always the best way :wink:

If y’all want to see earth dust at work click on biker Homer then again on my featured topic and you will be magically teleported over the my place and everything I have posted on there was grown in Dust… there’s a lot of bs’ing going on as well feel free to join us the more the merrier