Flowering Ppm help needed

I’m growing blue haze and blue cheese. Ppm range from 300 to 500 . Plants been in flower for three weeks. Should increase the amount of nutes?

How about more info. What medium are you in? What nutrient line? Lights? What instrument are you using to measure PH and TDS?


I’m growing in soil
Technaflora recipe for success
TDS meter
Ph is 6.5

What are the ppm’s and ph of runoff…?
That would be the only way to answer your question… :+1::wink:

I took soil samples and diluted them in ph water for 36 hrs. Ppm from sample to same run 261 to 500 on average about 350

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Do you got any pictures…
Reading your post again…
At 3 weeks into flower is when I really start to lean more towards flowering nutrients and my ppm’s run around 550 to 700 depending on how well the plants are responding…
I run rdwc tho and only use water with no media…
Mid to late flower I’m usually around 650 to 800 and late flower 800 to 1000… :+1::wink:

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With the way that flower looks at 3 weeks, I’d be stoked! Super frosty, decent mass, leaves look happy and healthy. I’d continue on as is with flower nutes for the moment. Maybe gently increase next week or so.