Flowering and curious?

This lady is about 60-65 days old. Not sure of strain. I think it might be a Gelato. I am just looking for comments on appearance, bud structure, and whatever else you notice. Thank you all for what you do!


Looks good. Were it mine, I would have kept the canopy more even by tying the taller colas down so all colas would think they were Boss.

You could still supercrop them by rolling the stems with your fingers and bending them over. If not familiar, I would look it up and watch a video showing and explaining exactly how to do it.


Good looking plant Grow Bro and agree with @Bonjoyle, it’s not too late to pull those cola rockets over and tie them off. Hopefully that is a Gelato…excellent smoke

Fast buds auto Gelato…very similar structure to the one you have :love_you_gesture:


They look good. Buds develop from what you have to fill in as they age. The pic below is a before and after a cola I grew…


Look up Kyle kushman on YouTube he has a good tutorial on how to supercrop

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Excellent comparison @Spiney_norman people forget they don’t fill in right away. They always do at least a little bit even if it’s a crappy plant. (We’ve all seen them lol)


I worked her a little. I didn’t want to ger too aggressive. I think it opened her up nicely.


Yeah, now wait a week and see what she looks like. Will be awesome.


She is responding well. Thoughts? Advice?

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She looks pretty good. She will take some time to finish for sure.

She still has a way to go, but I’m happy with her progress. I would like to see some more bud density.

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Nice work Growmie, she still has several weeks left and will fatten up nicely :love_you_gesture: