Flower week 8 should I pull them early or let them finish?

Flower week 8 Photoperiod cannabis. Medium is MG humus n honey mixed with ffof and black gold, dry amendments, pearlite,silica,worm casting, bio boosters and mycorizha. Lighting is 12/12 with 3000w equivalent (645 true watts) LED grow light 18 x 24 with full spectrum/flowering/veg functions with 400 samsung diodes as well as UV light, IR light and UVB light. 5000 umole at 18 inchs !I currently keep light 24 inches from canopy. Temps are 70 °to 65 ° RH is 52%. Feed using ff trio, MG PK boosters, molasses, worm castings and top dressing. Soil PH is 6.8 to 7.2. I feed at PH of 5.8 to 6.5. Enviroment has oscillating fan and steady temps with a perfect night time.

 I cannot identify the issue with the tallest plant?  The shortest plant has rust spots forming and the plant with no fan leaves is recovering from nute burn.Ive fed pk boosters and checked PH. The yellowing on the leaf edges appears to be potassium deficiancy but when I correct Nothing changes?? The smallest plant was is healthy but the rust spot showed up and Idk why ? Help me out here guys Im lost lol If yall need more pics let me know
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Hey guys I would really be grateful if yall could lend me some expertise and tell me wtf is up with my girls ??

All i see is that there stunted growth for a photoperiod plant such a small plants they should be much bigger than that they should be at least five foot

Given that frostiness, looks pretty done to me, next time I recommend vegging them longer

Your so late in the game fixing it at this point would be useless. Let them ride out the last couple weeks and they will eat your fan leave up as this has already begun. Pull at 10weeks and your golden. Damage is done and those fan leaves will not green up again.

Soil pH determination - by slurry or testing runoff?
The pH of your feed solution is way too low. This is what KootMed recommends (6.4 - 6.9)

I suspect your medium’s pH is too low. This leads to nutrient uptake issues.
I am also guessing you were too aggressive and possibly too early in defoliating your plants.
They have been severely stunted. More than likely while young. Then, probably flipped without correcting the underlying issue. What you see now is about all you will get.
You will have to review how they were doing the first 10 weeks and see if you can ID problems encountered or created.
Next grow get some fabric pots with risers and saucers.

pH is way low for soil as others say. 6.5 for soil 5.8 for coco or hydro. Still looks like it has some time to go as there looks like a bit of white pistils still and may be in the last set of fattening up. I’d give it 2 more weeks atleast but the tricomes might tell u different. Do u have a scope to see trics up close for clear milky ect

I guess I should explain a bit more lol. Yes these are stuntz from different grows. I was curious and decided to experiment and see if I could pull them out of it. I could not lol turns out that once a plant has stunted for too long there’s a 85% chance it will not recover…I did get growth and bud but they grew at a stunted rate. The issue now is what appears to be a potassium deficiency on the tallest, brown spots on the smallest and mute burn on the middle plant. I still have about 2 or 3 more weeks before my trichromes are ready maybe less…should I ride out the last 2 weeks and attempt to correct or pull now to stop any further damage?

Yessir I am monitoring trichs and your correct Im guessing about 2 or 3 wks also

Ohhhh I see …I was feeding at 5.8 ,6.2 to off set the soil ph. I was under the impression that soil pH would rise to 7 + and so I would feed low. So you think that caused a lockout of potassium or the soil pH alone did the yellowing of the leaves on biggest plant.?

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I will correct my soil and mute pH …thank you guys for speedy and intelligent info…y’all way better than thcfarmer forum fr

Soil pH - may be from adding too many soil mixes and amendments without knowing the combined impact. I have tried the same thing.
At this stage if is a tough call whether to ride it out or try to take remedial actions. My inclination is to try to fix soil ph by flushing with ph 6.8 water and feeding immediately. You did not say what runoff PPM is. My thinking is you can’t really harm them more by flushing than by doing nothing. But it might have a slight upside.

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