Flies inside my tent

I’m starting to see what I believe are fruit flies inside my 4x4 tent😮
I was thinking of hanging one of those fly paper traps inside.
Any other ideas or thought on this subject ??

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Probably Fungus gnats. They are very common.
Diatomaceous Earth on the soil surface or Mosquito Bits or Sticky Strips all are common to use for them.
Tons of other threads on them. Use the search feature…


Yep I bet they’re gnats I soak mosquito bits in water for a couple hours strain and use the water normal and repeat this about every 3-6 days until they’re gone. Then keep them on hand because they will come back, the sooner you get after them the better because they breed like rabbits except they lay eggs. The bit juice only kills the larva which is why you have to do more than one treatment as the eggs hatch the adults only live for a week I use the yellow sticky traps actually the new black ones work better :wink: good luck


I do the neem spray and have a bug zapper inside my tent.