Flickering LED light

I am using a 900W LED grow light for the vegetation stage. Just noticed my lights flickering. I am assuming I need a new light, that there’s a short somewhere or the bulbs are going out. My question: Until I can get a new 900W LED light, will the flickering hurt my plants?

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LED = Light emitting Diode

LED grow lights are usually made up of 100’s of Diodes (the little chips that emit light).

Are all the diodes flickering or just a couple? If it is just a couple you’re fine. If it is all the diodes, that might be a concern not only for the plants but for you and your property.


The flickering is so slight that it’s hard to tell how many are doing it. Doesn’t look to be anywhere near all of them, though. I will keep my eyes on it - don’t want to start a fire!


Ya, more details would help. If just a portion of them are flickering probably indicates an issue associated with a specific driver in the light. Driver could be failing, or maybe just a loose connection within the circuit.