First year garden share

Just like the title says.
This is my first year gardening and I wanted to share a few pics. I needed to put a lot more work into some spaces but we are still figuring out where we want everything. I started everything from seed this year. This has been a great start to the summer the heat hasn’t blasted us and we have had some good rains. Been blessed this first year.

This is a variety best for popcorn :sweat_smile: next time I’ll grow some sweet corn. First rule of gardening is grow stuff that makes sense not a whole row of popcorn. Gonna be rivaling Orville redenbacker come harvest time.

Planted cucumbers and tomatoes much too close together. Learning

Planted this pumpkin on top of a comfrey root and it’s the largest plant I have

Romaine not my first choice for greens but finding out it’s grows well because it’s not green so the bugs don’t mess with it as much

Had to save my cabbage from cabbage moths this year but I brought them back.Fresh oregano leaves did the trick.

Baggie seed that’s looking alright!

Would love to see your garden pics!




I have peaches n cream and indian corn growing along with squash, cucumbers, mini bells, mad hatter peppers, a few variety of tomatoes for slicing and making salsa along with sweet onions…

Storms have really messed up my garden this year. Its been flattened twice by straight line winds.

My guardians of the garden…



Btw, im in the Tennesee Valley also…


yea my tomato plants were blown over after a big storm a few weeks ago but luckily nothing broke. I could use a few guardians for my garden. I have moles real bad and think they could help.

The only protection i have.


Very nice.
The wind got my cherry matoes.
Already picked some lettuce, getting ready to plant more.


Very nice Growmie :love_you_gesture:


Really like that enclosed raised bed setup. Looks great. That pool looks gorgeous back there too!