First timers progress

So far so good with the white widow feminized seeds. I treated them similar to how I would grow a tomato plant in terms of shaping and in a couple of days imma switch these guys to flower? Here is what they look like on there last couple days of veg. Does everything look right to proceed to flowering? One on the right had a botched transplant unfortunately so she’s a bit smaller but recovered well.


They look spot on. Just know they will double, sometimes triple in size when you flip to flower, so be prepared for some pretty active canopy management.


Welcome to the boards! They look great! Good training.
@Graysin is right, the stretch is real!

Yeah now I’m a bit nervous haha. Should I get a trellis net or use ng string on to keep the branches up once they get heavy a good option?


Welcome to the community. Your ladies are looking happy and healthy. The stretch is real. Happy Growing :blush::v:

Welcome aboard. Nice looking girls.

WELCOME TO THE FORUM! Your babies look great. They WILL stretch as stated, so depending on soil used adding silica will help stiffen branches.

I used a local organic compost that as the medium so not sure of the silica content. Next time though I’m thinking of doing a mix between soil at my house which is extremely high in silica and compost. Curious to see what the taste difference would be too. Plenty of seeds left since I got them on a 10 for 10 deal.

They look great good job keep it up

Both are options. Ive never used a net. I have to be able to remove my plants in order to water and tend them so net isnt an option for my current growspace.

Yup I’m seeing some signs of the stretch they have gotten multiple inches taller in just the past 2-3 days. Decided to move the light up a few too. Was thinking in the natural habitat that the sun would be further away during flowering since it’s at the end of the summer months. Maybe it’s just symbolic cause a few inches to a foot isn’t the same as thousands/millions of miles though the sun would move haha

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Yeah but how many watts does the sun produce versus our indoor lights. I bet an inch or two can make an equivalent impact because it’s closer to proportional than we think. :joy:

Should I be focusing on pruning areas to increase light to lower areas? I’m about 1 week into flowering with the plants growing a considerable amount since I flipped the light exposure.

I wouldn’t necessarily prune if you can just tuck leaves or bend branches outward to increase light exposure. Only remove leaves that truly block more light than they can absorb. The leaves are how she makes energy out of the light, after all.


You really hit the ground running!!

You are way ahead of me at the same point in time in both knowledge and performance. Well done!

I just keep trying to learn something each grow.

Experience made me wiser.

Some progress pics on the girls. They look to be forming their pistils about 8 days into entering flowering. I am trying to figure out if they require a bit more water now. I have a gallon waterring pitcher that I try to evenly distribute amongst the 3 but the soil feels a bit dryer than previously so I’m wondering that needs increased maybe a gallon or half a gallon per plant every 2 days?

They do require more water in flower - they’ll also burn through nutrients so more food is often better.

For what it’s worth, I highly suggest ditching the specific ritual and stop feeding them evenly. They all will be eating/drinking differently this late in the game. They already do eat/drink differently but it will become even more pronounced.

Pick up the pot while the dirt feels dry. If it’s light, it’s time to water. If it isn’t light, I’d wait another day. I’d be giving those ladies a full gallon each, easily. Enough to fully saturate the soil all the way ‘round the pot from top to bottom, and be getting some water running off from the bottom. :v:

PS they look great.

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I did end up hitting them with a bit more water I see what you mean though they were noticably heavier than they usually were after my watering. I have one of those soil moisture gauges I might as well put it to use. Will check again tomorrow and see how much they drink. During the veg stage I was pruning and with those clippings id cut up an put them into the soil which seemed to help retain some of the moisture but now that I’m not pruning probably seeing more dryness on the top than I was.

I haven’t found one yet that was really all that helpful. They’re a fine ballpark but getting used to the weight is the best way to get a universal impression of what it’s going to be like for any plant at any time.

So just a bit of an update. I ended up installing a net and fished the branches through to expose as much as possible. I removed all my tie downs and one branch on the far left plant snapped unfortunately. It looks like it’s still holding up I tried to brace the bottom so it reforms. Been still showing signs of life after a few days passed. I started seeing higher humidity levels with the amount of foliage now I installed a dehumidifier to help keep it below 60%. Definitely have been requiring more water in this stage but it looks like a gallon every 2 days per plant is about what they need for the sould to stay moist. I have my inline fan running a bit higher to exchange out more volume of air.

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