First timer slow growth

Actually this is about my third grow but I’ve consistently noticed that plants online are much larger and produce more than mine. I’m going to post some pics hopefully you guys can help.

The largest plant is a bagseed, but the rest are either og Kush Auto or bubblegum Auto from ilgm.
The two plants in their own pot are now three weeks old and the two plants in the same pot are two weeks old. I’ve done some sort of lst with all 5 of them. The other two plants I grew prior to these only yielded about 5 grams each, pretty sad. Anyone got an idea what my problem could be? Do I even have a problem?

The light I’m currently using is a 300w COB LED light from roleadro.

@dbrn32. Is his lighting the problem?


This is a Jack Herer plant that is currently near the end of its flowering. I was hesitant to post it out of embarrassment, lol. But it’d be better to figure my issue out. As you can tell it isn’t producing very much. Sorry for the bad picture, Ive got nothing decent to take one with. The bottom leaves have begun to yellow.

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I’m thinking your lightning isn’t good enough, and maybe the pot is to small for the plant, the person I tagged in post above will be in to help you with your lighting problems when he’s online next time

Do you have a picture of your light? I’m thinking the light is your problem.

The only 300 watt Rolledro I can find is this…

It’s a 300w COB LED light from roleadro. This is it but not where i bought it.

How large of space are you growing in with that light?

The reason the others are saying your lighting is because of the long node spacing. That is usually caused by to low light intensity and sometimes coupled with a light spectrum that isn’t great for growing at low intensity.

The space is about 2’w x 8’l x 5’h. Would a more powerful light fix it? How much more powerful?

Yes, a lot more light if you’re using the whole ed space.

Got it, I’ll report back once I get some better equipment. Thanks guys.


I’ve also been having a pest problem. To my best knowledge they are spider mites or root aphids? They are small, black, and have a violet-ish colored wing. Is there a natural remedy? Someone said use beneficial nematodes but I didn’t want to spend anything i didn’t need to

PS: I have a new light coming in. If I add an 800w COB LED light alongside the 300w, will that be enough for the space? Also, is it required that the space be closed off or is that just to manage temp and humidity?

Do you manage and monitor the pH of you water or nutrient solution, as well as the water runoff?

No I don’t. This grow started with minimalism in mind. So, I’ve basically been learning as I go and slowly improving. Water pH and nutrients are something I haven’t messed with yet. I literally went and got organic soil, pots and a light and started from there. As for water runoff, I don’t have any (maybe that’s bad?) because I water with a spray bottle directly onto the topsoil and it’s pretty difficult to get much runoff that way. I figured that the spray bottle would keep things more evenly moist but I’m open to being told I’m wrong. I water with plain tap water, is measuring pH something that’s really important?

Your plant looks established in that pot and you should be watering to runoff. Runoff means that 10 to 20% of what you put in should come out the bottom.

Mission #1, my humble opinion of 1, is to get your pH in order. The plants roots do not have access to all the minerals and nutrients unless the pH is in a certain range. Buy a $22 pair of Digital pH and ppm meters and $10 pH up and down solution, calibrate the pH meter when it comes in, and then begin pHing your water to 6.5 or 5.8(coco/hydro), watering to runoff when the top 1/2 inch of soil is dry, and measuring the pH and ppm of the runoff. Your plants will thrive combined with a lighting upgrade.

Best of luck!

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If you have aphids your soil may be getting to wet and there are probably larvae in the soil put a few potato peels on top of the soil if they were mites you would start to see webs and the aphids could be in soil when you bought it

Thanks for the info guys. I’ll definitely be ordering the ph equipment. I think the pests are definitely aphids from the organic soil I bought.

I was considering chopping the top of the flowering plant off to let the lower branches get a lot more light. I doubt it will produce very much anyway so I figured since there are a lot more flower sites lower down it may be best to give them more of a chance? Is it too late for him?

Hopefully your new light arrives soon, might bump up production on it abit. :crossed_fingers:

Ah well, the problem there is that the flowering plant is so much taller that at this point he has his own UFO led light on him. I suppose its wasted space at this point. Here are some updated pics. The new light has been on for 13 hours

I would love some advice on how I should set up a long grow space like this. It’s a bit difficult to arrange the plants in a way that both lights hit all of them. I will most likely grow less plants next time around.

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Less plants would be better. They really do require a lot of light. When you start getting into a decent amount of square footage proper lighting will get expensive.

I’ve got the grow condensed down to one of those totes they are on with both lights over all three plants. Hopefully this will be better for now. Next time around I’ll most likely do just one plant. I’ll plant another one 5 weeks in to get a rotation going. I think that will be manageable. Next step is getting the water pH right!