First time , trying to make good soil

i made 4x4x4 box . put in most of 2019 soil , and some of 2020 ,all ready used 1 time , got 500 red worms , 500 night crawers , all are food waste, no meat or acid foods , 2021 i want to mix my soil with 1/4 coco fiber , and 1/4 peat moss , and 1/2 my soil , is this a good mix , and what else should do ?? thank you all now for your helm ,vern

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Maybe some vermiculite for aeration and slightly more retension and some mykos for flowering hmm and since you’re using old soil some silica boosters wouldn’t hurt


U could add rice hulls and 1/4 inch lava rock for aeration. I also add trace minerals and fertilizer.
Also use ur home made worm castings!


thank you good idea

yes i will use silica bloom , thank you

It’s an arbitrary process unless you send soil samples in for lab analysis. It’s quite affordable through state university agricultural extensions, and they’ll tell you what to add (for tomatoes).

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Night crawlers probably won’t work in a confined area. They burrow deep into the earth. Red wrigglers are the way to go. I bought 100 e-fetida two years ago and I now have thousands in the bin. My bin is out doors and I feed nothing but shredded leaves and domestic rabbit manure. The resulting vermicuture is amazing!

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greggy2 thank you 1 1/2 years ago i got 500 red worms , 6 mo. ago i got 500 night crawlers , i have a 4x4x4s bin so the night crawlers go deep , reds stay on top , hope my results are as good as your , i live in the desert , so no grass clippings , just my old grow dirt , with table scraps , but no meat , and i cook rice and whole wheat flower , and put that in the box every 2 mo. , they love it , and want to use it on next years grow .

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Not sure where to jump in here so here is as good a spot as anywhere so I live in God’s State of Kentucky. We have a lot of limestone here. However, what I am looking for is the best soil preparation ingredients for advance preparation for the upcoming season. Here is what I added to a 16X16 Garden I usually prep; 10 80lb bags of nature’s helper, 1 50 lb bag of 10-10-10 fertilizer, and 15 bags of manure compost Now I typically will work all of this in the soil approximately 2-3 weeks prior to planting and it grows incredible tomatoes. Obviously, I will not need this quantity, but is this a good base or please give me some variations or start over completely.

Thanks a lot