First time grower of factor seeds lol

Ok fellow growers been following for about 3 months now love the info on everything to do with growing beautiful plants .been growing outside for 30 plus years never seen anything like this love it thanks to ilgm.just about to harvest my first autos not as big yeld as expected but I’ll get better.its fixing to turn winter here in the mountains and I need to take it in doors I’ve got 2500 Watts LEDs and 400 ft of grow space 6 ft celling. Not a dope dealer just love smoking the best weed and love growing and sharing with friends.should I use dirt or hydro. Auto or females


if you want a bigger yield use fems. you can veg it longer and scrog or lst and top and fim. if you want a quicker turn around get autos. you can grow both in same space just follow the lighting for the fems… im still new but i hope this helps

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All information is helpful I’ve always been a outside grower this is all new to me . thanks for the info

These are just bag seed I’ve been using for year. I started a seed bed last spring and had a few seedlings left over so I put on top of my top soil pile when the rag weeds growed up I forgot about them . Well last week the rag weed dusted and fell over and look what I found lol

Man those are awesome! I’m up in the mountains too, got a couple white widows who are on their 4th day of flowering.

I started 3 more seeds last week planning to take them inside Tuesday when my light arrives has you know we’ve not got much time left here and I had a good grow outside as usual these mountains have been good to me lol. This will be my first insides grow and a little excited not sure how I won’t to do it but here it goes​lol don’t be scared lol. Hope your plants do well i grew mine in dirt from the yard it’s holding a good 6.5 ph I just got to reading to much and playing with them and nearly messed up just remembered they are weeds lol

This is my first grow. I live in a remote are up in the mountains but I’m still nervous about growing outside. Where I live at they don’t take too lightly on growing marijuana, so I grow mine indoors and take them outside during a nice sunny day when I’m home.