First time grow in Sohum living soil with Foop. Yellow leaf spots?

First timer here. I am in the 4th week of flower and have some leaf discoloration of yellow spots on a handful of leaves. I water and nutrient feed together once a week right now after doing too much in the early stages and I never see any signs of leaves drooping due to underwatering since switching to bottom feeding in middle of veg. I try to water less than needed if anything because I don’t want micro biome from the living soil to come out in excess water.

I was trying to diagnose it with charts but nothing seems exactly my issue. I can’t tell if it’s normal to have a minimal amount of leaf imperfections because it’s my first time and I’m paranoid of having a full blown problem.

Besides having wild crazy wide plants because I tried to top it multiple times like a pro, things have been rather smooth so I’d like to keep the momentum going til the end.

I plan on adding some cal mag to feeding tomorrow to see if it makes a difference even though I was told it’s not needed with the Sohum living soil/Foop combo unless told otherwise.

Any feedback is appreciated. Long time lurker. Thanks for everything.

  1. Indoor 4x4 grow tent

  2. Godfather OG from ILGM

  3. Feminized

  4. Reverse osmosis mixed with nutes

  5. I test it to 6.4 ph before bottom feeding 85% and top feeding the remaining.

  6. Sohum Living Soil

  7. Foop nutrients

  8. Grow Elite 250 watt full spectrum LED

  9. Currently in flower I try my best to keep between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit but the summer heat has had some moments where it went low 80s.

  10. In flower I’m trying to keep between 40 - 50 RH but I did have a humidity issue for a little less than a week that had me around 60 rh due to poor air circulation.

  11. Humidifier and recently added De-humidifier

  12. Do you have a Ventilation system? Size? 6" and two ducts coming out due to Vivosun bundle sending too powerful of an exhaust.

  13. Co2 Yes / No? Yes Exhale CO2 bag.

  14. How long have you been growing? First time

  15. What budget have you set in order to grow successfully? No budget set. Passion project.


Can you upload a few photos of the entire plant?

Welcome to the community!

Thanks. Happy to be here.

Absolutely. I’m noticing it’s happening on plants closest to the tent opening. It may be minor imperfections for now and I did hit it with some cal mag in the feeding this morning in case that will clear things up.

Overall I like what I’m seeing but I am inexperienced. I did try to defoliate and that included taking off some leaves with issues in case it was that septortia beginning stages.

In the future I plan to try more with perfecting the topping technique and having a more even canopy. It got a little uneven and crazy on me.

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If youre in the 4th week of flower and thats all the imperfections you have, i wouldnt sweat it. Id raise your ph a few digits to 6.8. Your girls look good bro. The buds should start fattening up around week 5 so be prepared for them to start eating and drinking more.

@BjGrow I thought that Sohum soil never needed anything from seed to harvest…

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Its the same as hthe Coast of Maine i use. All depends on the size container you are growing in

Thank you for the reassurance!

I’m trying to max it out so I added the organic Foop nutrients to it due to reading posts of others doing it. It is supposed to be nothing needed but I am still trying to be on top of any deficiencies, disease or random issues.

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I didn’t realize the fifth week did that. That’s good info.

I’ll update if the cal mag bounced it back.

Will the 6.8 ph make a difference in living soil? It was my understanding you didn’t even have to ph test water with it even though I definitely do.

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Technically youre not supposed to have to use cal mag either but ive seen it done. Next time try epsom salt instead of cal mag. Youre not supposed to have to check ph of living soil, but i do ocasionally check ph for my own satisfaction. I water in at 7 to 7.2 during flower to edge my ph up. If living soil is taken care of then the ph is buffered naturally.

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Update: I added a wee bit of the cal mag each feeding the past two weeks to try and mitigate the issues and it didn’t work. It’s nothing out of control but I was hoping to have fully green beautiful plants like the pros so I’d love to get to the bottom of this.

I’m wondering if my fans are too much in the tent. Could it be windburn?

There’s a lot I’m happy with and I’m going to try to power through til the end if there’s no clear answers on how to fix but I’ll post some pictures showing what I’m dealing with and how I set things up.

It really seems to be happening to the runt that I kept anyway because I had room. I didn’t have the heart to kill it this run lol.

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