First time grow, bottom leaves yellowing

I know I don’t have much information to offer about my plant, but this is my first go around and decided to give it a shot. About a week ago she lost her bottom leaves after curling in and turning yellow(thought it needed a bigger pot). Transplanted it, and here we go again… next set of leaves are now curling in and yellowing from the tips. Assuming it’s the soil after reading up on it so planing on transplanting again into fox farms happy frog. Any other suggestions?
Strain: NA
Soil: Miracle Grow organic performance
Pot: clothe pot
Run off: NA
LED full spectrum grow lights 18/6 hours
Temp: day-73 night-69
Humidity: NA
Vent: yes
CO2: No
Water when needed, about every three/four days
This is also about

two months in…

Can’t say for sure, but more than likely MG soil may be the issue. Once you get it transplanted see how she does. I see a couple other things that may need to be addressed but I don’t believe they are causing leaves to die. Welcome to ILGM forum.

Thanks, just transplanted so hopefully this helps. What other issues would you fix?

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You don’t list your humidity levels. On vent you just say, yes. People disagree on best growing temperatures but on plants that young you may be a little low on temperature. In veg you want your humidity to be at least 50%or higher. As far as ventilation you want to make sure you have a exchange of air. You need to vent old air out and bring in new air, preferably from a room that has human activity. Plants breathe in co2 and Exhale oxygen that’s why you need good ventilation. Can’t tell by pics but it doesn’t look like you are growing in tent. No problem there, but it does make controlling environment a little more difficult.