First Time Fumbling!

Howdy gang!

I’m starting my first grow with Northern Lights Auto just to get my feet wet. Im posting from my phone presently, so please excuse any autocorrect idiocy that my phone may pepper in here.

Ill post some more in depth specs tonight or tomorrow, but I just wanted to say thanks for the crazy support in these forums and the wealth of knowledge that made this a bit less daunting!

One day water soak. And tgree days later in soil, and my little buggers poked their heads out. Cute little a-holes arent they?

Thanks for reading and checking in!


Looking great !!!

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Cruise control will be here shortly!
Welcome to the forum!

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I’m waiting on an NL Auto to poke its head out as well.

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Ah, so we’re competing then huh? :wink:

Please share updates as they come along! I’m excited to see where I’ve gone wrong to improve for the next round.


Ha. No competition on my end. It was a free seed from an order. I don’t have high expectations from the free ones.


@Chumpchange looks like a great start! Am a first timer on photo, fem seeds from here. Interesting to see sucker leaves pop out like that. My photos came up with the seed shell attached while reaching for light, sucker leaves came quick. Am on the fence about growing autos, keep me tagged if you don’t mind!

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Same here, just messing around. I feel like even if you are competitive… everyone wins in the end.



Update. Its been 3 days since the first photo was taken (above) and here is where we are now!

I have two NL autos in 4 gallon grow bags. (Planted seed in a peet pot and planted the peet pot in the final grow container to maximize yield/ minimize stress)

Specs are as follows (please let me know what I’m missing in my rundown, I’m very green with this)

Grow Tent: 2’ x 4’ x 5’
Light: 1200w (equiv) LED full spectrum
Light cycle: 16/8
Fans: small blowing in the tent/ 4" inline blower exhaust
Heat: ~72f day , ~65f night
Humidity: ~55%

I have a humidity/temp programmable sensor coming in the post soon. These will be connected to the 300w heater and a cold mist humidifier that I own to better control conditions.

Things are going well now! Its very early on, but so far so good. Thanks again for the responses that I’ve already recieved.

I’ll update as soon as there is news to report.



Very nice.

nice start you may want to cover that seedling with a bottle with the bottom cut off.
that’ll supply humidity. great start!

Humidity at seedling stage should be @ 70% they get their water mostly through, the air?

Yup …that’s definitely marijuana! Nice job, don’t love her to death even though she’s a lil a-hole!! LoL

welcome to the forums @Chumpchange. looks like you got a great start, good luck with your grow, set to watching.

Thanks for the suggestion @Royc ! I raised the humidity in the grow tent closer to 70% (I have a humidifier as im growing some veggies as well) and it’s starting to grow quicker (I probably lost some yield there… NEXT TIME!) Here’s an update, and here’s hoping our growing trend keeps on in this direction!

Thanks again for checking in! I have new lights coming, so things may change soon. Hoping to be able to get some more light on these soon.



@Chumpchange you wont loose yield for a slower start. It just takes a few more days in veg is all. The most important part is you are learning how to make your grow space have the best conditions.

Looks great so far !!

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Woo hoo!

Oh, its been 14 days since the last photo was posted. A LOT has happened.

I snagged this photo on May 4th, three days after the last photo.

And here we are on the 14th. The plants have gotten so big, they have gotten two rounds of nutrients. I’ve found that my pots (weed barrier paper pots) let the soil dry out pretty quickly and a few leaves were showing what looked like a calcium deficiency. So! Nutes added, and the leaves are back to being full and a dark green.

I’m getting super excited as harvest nears. Things are going well all things considered!



Killin it chump!

plants are looking great Chump!

Another day, another update. The world is on fire so posts have been scarce. But we’re blooming! Check it out! On to blooming nutes.