First Time Auto

Hey all,

Looking for a little help. My First time growing Autoflowers and I started with 2 Bruce Banner and 2 Skywalkers. Breakdown:

Started with Seeds from ILGM on Jan 5th
Soil = Natures Living Soil & FOx Farm
Using a Reverse Osmosis system
Feeding Schedule Every other day Water, Then Water with Molasses, Foxfarm Big Bloom, Tiger Bloom then start the cycle again.
CO2 bag = ExHale
Fans as well.

As Stated I started from Seed on Jan 5th. I am noticing that one of the plants (Skywalker) Is already changing colors and full of trichomes while the others are still in a earlier flowering stage. What could be the reason?


Some mature quicker than others how long have they been flowering and do you have a close up on the trichomes you see turning

They are not turning ambers as of yet. Just trying to figure our why the plant is physically smaller then the others but more mature. I did my home work and says 94 days from seed to harvest but these seem to be way ahead. Not experienced with Autoflowers. Am I doing something wrong?


Nope all seems ok to with autos they do what they want when they want I also have one that’s about three weeks ahead of the other good luck buddy

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Thanks. I appreciate the feedback. A friend had mentioned that it could be caused by the CO2 bag and the fact that the plant in questions is the farthest from the fan. But I have no idea hahaha. FYI Banner are the two plants on the left and Skywalkers on the right


@TPrince14 very nice for your first grow…looking very healthy

The CO2 bag wouldn’t affect that. As @Dclark stated Autos do what Autos do. I’ve grown several from the same seed batch that were harvested from a week to 2 weeks apart and had an auto Skittlez go 14 weeks. Keep doing what you’re doing and checking those Trichomes :love_you_gesture:

@ Retiredoldguy

Thank you very much.

Last question.


I was thinking of trying without the net the next run.

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Each auto has its own genetics, and they can be very different. I am growing 3 auto LSDs right now. One is a stunted runt that never grew (she’s losing her space soon after I get a new seedling going!). One is in full bloom at the age of 4 weeks, and is 3 inches tall. She’ll produce like maybe one gram. I have space, so she’s staying. The third one is normal, is over 6 inches tall and is in pre-flower.

They aren’t as consistent genetically as photos.


I personally don’t scrog Autos. I top and spread them out and let the sides go once they’re a few inches past the outside of the pot. I’ll see if I can dig a pic up to give you a visual :love_you_gesture:

Wow, never had any that short and in flower :love_you_gesture:

What should I expect realistically to get from the 4 plants? I was hoping a little more then a lb. Any way of knowing just by looking them they are at Day 51 now.


Here’s Audrey Hempburn, couldn’t have named her better if I tried.

Here’s her sister, Claudette Goldburn, who sprouted one day before.

And here’s Betty Weed. I had TWO seeds do this exact thing. She’s spaceholding while I sprout something to take her place.

Crazy, isn’t it?


Here are 4 pics. 2 with topping and LST and 2 with no topping and just LST. I didn’t tip the Super Lemon Haze because she started out real slow, Sativas like warmer temps and I don’t :joy::joy:

Topped and LST Ak47

Super Lemon Haze. No topping but you can see the bend in the main from LST.


That is crazy!! Just when you think you’ve seen it all :love_you_gesture:

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Zoomed in and didn’t see any flowering or pre-flower?? Unless I’m missing something?? May still be hope for some vertical growth before the stretch :love_you_gesture:

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Yeah leave it to me to have something weird happen. But I’ve seen it before - @duhneese grew one just like it - named it Priscilla, so I call this the “Priscilla phenotype”. Cute, but doggone it!


Maybe 6-8 zips dry weight on those :pray::pray: that you get more. 9 zips is the most I’ve pulled off a single auto, my goal is a pound from 1 :love_you_gesture:

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Here we go, fresh pictures. The one above is 3 days old.

Audrey is a punk rocker! Look at her hair!

She’s all of 25 days old. :woman_facepalming:t2: