First SGROG Harvest

I made a couple of mistakes but all in all my grow came out pretty good. My biggest problem was working with low temps, next grow should be much better. I learned a lot with this grow but really like the SCROG affect. I will be flushing this week, 36 hours of darkness and Harvest.


Gorgeous, great job.


Beautiful! How long did you vegged that plant for?

Too long! I had very slow growth from seed, then didn’t harden the plant before switching light sources… But if I said 9-10 weeks I could be off by a week or more. Not the way I’ll do that again.

Thanks guys!

Wow that’s quite a tree, especially in that short of a time! That’s going to be an nice yield! :slight_smile:

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Not sure I have heard the term “harden” the plant? Can you please elaborate…

I start my seedling under fluorescent lighting and eventually move it adding an hour a day to the LED lighting it will be growing under. The move from the fluorescent lighting to the LED lighting needs to be done gradually. I do this with vegetable plants I start from seed when I am getting ready to plant them outside. I didn’t think I needed to do this with an indoor grow, but I found out without doing this I was stunting its growth and almost killing the plant. The light source change is really a dramatic change for the plant. This also lets me start a new plant while I’m in the last stage of my grow for the plant I am going to harvest.

Thanks to MacG that helped me work this out.

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I did not know this either! I used to do my hardening off inside by adjusting the light downward over a few days, which i think is probably ok, but I think you way’s probably better

It’s really just a way to slowly acclimate the plant to the stronger light source without stressing the plant out.

Good idea!

Do you keep the LED at the same height during the transition or do you move it down gradually during this period? I assume the LED still needs to start off high but does this allow it to be lower since it’s a gradual process?

Trying to suck in as much info as possible. Thanks for the good idea.

While I’m getting the plant use to the LED lighting I try to maintain a minimum of 12". While under the fluorescent lighting I keep 2-3" distance. Hope this helps!

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I was always told that my flower and veg plants from seeds needed to harden before the garden (I use a greenhouse), I’d use a fan then slowly bring them into full sun over about a week.
I realize they are different but maybe the same type of idea?


Yep! Same idea.

Nice job bro!
I am relatively new to growing myself and this is my third grow/scrog.

I see a resemblance… think they’re related? lol.

edit - harvested most of the tops already and are drying as i type this… yum. :smiley:


Yummm! Very Nice!

I’m a first time grower, I’ve seen a few mentioning scrogg, don’t know what it is, never heard it before, can anyone explain what it is

SCROG are the initials of Screen of Green, a technique in which plants are grown, literally, through a mesh or screen.

It helps your have a consistent height canopy and also allows you to spread the canopy out to cover all your space.


Thanks Mathew, looks really good, but I don’t think I’ll try it on my first grow, but looks really beneficial


Look at it as you’re in the veg stage you take all your top growing branches and turn them sideways to be kept under the screen. Now, when you start to flower all the side branches from those you bent over will all produce flowers that grow like they’re the top flowers of the plant producing really nice buds!

Look for some videos on Youtube. The SCROG screens are pretty easy to make. I personally like the one I did with PVC using string. Cutting the string when my grow is finished makes it really easy to remove the plant from my SCROG set up. Putting the string back on is pretty easy too!


Love the look of these, looks like a great way to do it, I would love to give it a try once I have a little more experience