First real harvest, trichome timing tips?

A couple shots from 2 Gorilla Grow autoflowers, i feel like one is ready the other maybe a bit longer. Would love any tips!

Plant I plan to go dark for 48 hours in the next day or so unless I hear differently:

Top bud

Middle of plant bud

These are the second plant. I think there’s another 5 days or so before going to darkness but would love to hear from others:

Top bud

Middle of plant bud

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Looks about ready unless you are looking for more amber. I still see plenty of clear trichs. A pic of the whole plant would be helpful

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Thanks for the reply. My phone camera isn’t great but I have a shot of each plant. Can’t take any other angles until tonight. Both plants went through a lot of hell in their lifetime; I am surprised I even have any plants to be getting advice on lol.

Plant 1 which is the best looking plant of the two. Really happy with how it came along especially with her rough upbringing:

Plant 2 seems to be a bit behind. The buds have grown very thick over the past couple weeks and is much bigger than her sister, yet doesn’t have nearly the same trich production. I would prefer to give her as long as possible to hopefully frost up a bit more. I have dropped temps a bit and dialed back the light intensity a bit; not sure if that helps but I am going to give it a try.


Nice looking plants. Yeah, it looks like the flowers have filled out nicely for you.

At what trichome condition are you looking to harvest? All cloudy, no amber? If so it should be ready in a few days. If you want amber in your trichs, then it looks like you have maybe a week to 10 days to go yet.

Thank you for the compliment. They have survived the cat feasting on leaves at one point to a short drought where I thought they were goners to my general lack of experience. I am very pleased with how they turned out.

Mostly cloudy for the wife, but I prefer more amber. I am leaning towards putting the 1st plant into darkness soon then let the other one ride for a while longer. Thank you again!

Don’t mean to be the devils advocate here but Just from your tric shots in the first pics. Looks like they are mostly on leaves.
They’ll cloud and amber before the buds are ready by about a week.
With the amount of clear that I’m seeing and the second pics help confirm some (blurry when zoomed ) but to me looks like a couple more weeks before they’re ready for flush.
Still seeing a lot of white pistils in the second set of pics.
Just my thoughts. :wink:


No worries I am welcome to all input, thank you for replying!

I have a hard time maneuvering the USB microscope so I tend to capture the first few clearish images lol. I will try to get a couple better ones tonight and try to get trich pictures more on the bud.

Yes there are still quite a few white pistils in plant 2, I figured that one still had some time but was getting other advice. Plant 1’s pistils have mostly turned colors and aren’t nearly as white. I apologize for the crap pictures, cheap phone lol.

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What week of flower are you in?

Barely over 3 months from seeds sprouting. Life happened so I couldn’t keep up with everything I had originally planned, including proper note taking. Another reason I am pleased with the results so far lol.

Im sorry for high jacking your thread.

But the title seems fit, although i had couple of harvest, they all were outdoors. And the harvwst was mostly defined by the weather

So this as well is my first real indoor harvest.

They are 3 easy buds from RQS. Their due date according to the package was yesterday.

I could need some advice too

I was thinking a week to go maybe… (I’ve been thinking that everyday since a week)