First photo grow

Strain; Green Crack Bag seed

Soil in pots Pro Mix Organic

System type in 5 gallon bucket

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? Have not had enough run off to measure pH or PPM.

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS: No nutes as of yet just water.

Indoor as of now. Thinking of moving her outdoors. Suggestions?

Light system, Under one red blue LED 15 watt bulb

Temps; 24c 19c

Humidity; 68

Ventilation system; not yet

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, No


Planning on moving this girl outside as soon as northern weather gets a bit better. Lots of rain and cool nights lately. This would be my first outdoor grow as well. Any suggestions? Full sun, half sun? or just keep her indoors?

I’m watering every 4 to 5 days or until soil is dry and crusty. pH of water is around 6.9 going in.

She broke the service on April 10 about 8 weeks ago. Has 4 true nodes.

Manually turning light on and off at this point approximately 15/9 at this point.

Getting rusty spots on leaves. Ideas?

Feel she’s a bit small after 8 weeks.

Suggestions? Thanks

Outside I usually shoot for full sun with any where from 3-5 hours of shade

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Looks like splash or contact burns don’t mist your ladies without distilled ph’d water and careful when watering :wink: either that or do a thorough pest check

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What is the optimal ppm (tds) reading when watering with nutes and without nutes? I’m getting runoff readings of 776, 581, 655, 635. pH is 5.9, 5.8, 6.1 respectively. I’m on a feed feed water schedule.

With no nutes just water my ppm is 856, 444, 304 with pH 5.6, 5.9, 6.3 respectively.

I’m trying to get optimal results without really knowing what to look for. Is there some sort of chart?

I am harvesting my first grow today. Very excited. Have 4 other girls in various stages of growth.

@Donaldj @Majiktoker have been at helping me with my first successful grow. Without your help I don’t know how the grow would have gone. Thanks so much.

As I continue forward I want to get better at this grow thing.

Ok ppm will vary as you water this is normal since the water takes time to saturate and mobilize salts/nutrients left in soil. 600-800 ppm is about right being an organic mix your ph should be slightly higher 6.3-6.8 this is likely the reason for your spots you have a slight lock out. Correct your ph when watering next or feed which ever you are on ppm is fine for their size

I decided to keep her indoors.
Just switch her from veg to flower. She broke surface on April 27 (11 week veg)
Changed my lights from 5x100w CFL’s 5000 k daylights to 5x100w CFL’s 2700k soft whites.
12/12 daylight night.
Watered 2 liters with full strength GH Flora Nova Grow 7-4-10 (Should next nutes be Bloom?)
ppm 778 in 1110 out
pH 6.1 in 5.9 out (good? bad? OK?)

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated as this is my first non-auto grow.


The ppm range looks right. I’m not sure about the flora nova nutes. Im using the GH Flora trio and am using micro, grow, and bloom throughout.

Your ph range is low though. You’ll want the ph to be closer to 6.5 coming out. I suggest ph the water after you add the nutrients up to like 6.7-6.8 next time.

You’re locking out some nutrients.