First Outdoor Grow of Auto Blueberry

What is the strain and type: Auto Blueberry from ILGM

Indoor or Outdoor? Outdoor in ground

Size of space: 5 ft x 5 ft In corner of vegetable garden

Soil or Hydro: Kellogg’s organic garden soil, composted manure, earthworm casts, and Mexican Bat Guano (10-10-0). Have 10-12 inches of starter soil under the seed and try to keep the plant roots from getting to the hot soil too soon.

Water: Rain water supplemented with city water when no rain. Will not check the pH unless absolutely needed. Have a timed system that will water every other day for now and see if it is too much. I am covering the seed with a 2 gallon glass pickle jar to act as a humidifier. Will be watching for early problems.

Type and strength of dose of nutrients used? As above.
Anticipated adding during the grow: Jamaician Bat Guano (0-10-0) in early-mid flowering, Duce/Duce Nutrient (0-0-22) in late flowering.

Temperature: Highest: 90-100 and lowest temps. 65-80

Humidity: 35 - 80 % Later in the grow, the humidity will go way down when we start getting no rain.

Light system and ventilation: Mother Nature

Number “weeks/days” from Seed in ground: Today

Seed placed in enriched soil as above with Mykos and Azos around the seed. I am letting this plant grow with minimal interference other than adding the bat guano and Duce/Duce in flowering. Ground temp is pretty warm already for this time of year. Have a good sun in the AM and early PM then looses the sun for about three to four hours and picks it up about two hours before sunset.

This should be fun. Progress reports will be sparse as i am leaving on a road trip tomorrow (Actually today in about 6 hours.) My address is changing to “on the road” for a while. Ya’ll take care. Jerry


Looking forward to watching your grow from the beginning. Safe travels and happy growing!


Me as well! Looking forward to seeing her grow!

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Well, this grow died before it really got a chance to start. The seedling. which I was told started nicely, was torn out of the soil by something and is gone when I came home from my trip. The last of my Autoflower seeds! Guess I, will have to order more now as I do not want a photo period in the yard, too tall and takes too long.

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Oh man! I’m sorry @TxGrowman. We’ve got a ton of chipmunks this year so I have been watching mine very closely. ~AB