First outdoor attempt


Friends, does this look like damage from overwatering?

This harem is growing in BAS 3.0 and graced most recently with some heavy outdoor precipitation. They’ve been at the mercy of Ma Nature from seedlings. Today, some leaves began exhibiting this damage. Do y’all reckon this is an over abundance of H2O?

Happy cake day brother. You didn’t put any picture

Ugh, sorry.

Here ye be, Sister. Am I acting like a pot smoker? Bwahahahaaaaaa…

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Eh i wouldnt worry about that bro. Lets see a pic of the whole plant. If its just a little blemish here and there, dont sweat it. Its the nature of the beast. Happy Cake Day!


Come on man. One little leaf. Don’t be that guy. Not you.

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I know you’re letting mother nature do her thing outdoors. Nevertheless, you got to give them a watering of their own with a little calcium magnesium in it.

Just mix up a gallon with 150 PPM of Cal mag for each girl.

A lot of my garden stuff does this when I forget to give them that little side dish of Cal mag

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Thank you both!

My beloved is in charge of this outdoor grow. I’m observing her decisions and supporting her guidance as I sit in the back seat. She’s doing a FABULOUS job thus far!!!

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Okay, so July 24—25 is when the MN sun exposure will flip. After that transition, how long would it typically take for flower to begin with a harem of ILGM Gold Leaf photos?

Sorry for the newbie query.

Here are the ladies we’re running in this first outdoor grow. They’ve seen a lot of rain but are still solid. The two big girls sans buds are the ILGM Gold Leaf Fems. I love that strain.