First indoor grow!

Update! I believe these are progressing slower than I anticipated. Larger of the five was the only one that came up without a seed still on it, I tried a couple things then after talking to a buddy he told me how to get it off and the others took off from there. This picture was taken this morning and is 9 days since they came out of the dirt. Look healthy, but the others seem to be lagging behind.


9 days also
In dwc

They will grow

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This is a 8 day old white widow

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@Kpa Kpa is that a auto or photo white widow
Mine is ilgm white widow photo.

Your buddy is a wise man…


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From ilgm

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Also my first indoor grow. Going to follow along in here if you dont mind

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Ill also be following along.

White widow is what I’m growing!

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Sure is!

Each seed you plant even if the same strain will show different traits and will act differently then each other some will grow fast some normal and some slow also good watering practices promote great growth and health if over watered they grow slow if under watered they grow slow theres a happy medium you must find and the plants will grow like well Weeds lol

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Good water practice is definitely key, but no matter how you water…first week is slow.


Had too take dome off. Leaves were hitting already


Looking good domes should come off as soon as they pop open above ground

@Mpags how the plants doing

I was going to update this morning, I’m having trouble keeping my temps up. I was holding at 70-72 with 52% RH and now I’m around 65 for low and 67 for a high, 20 degrees overnight here now, but holding RH which I know should be higher. Other than that they are looking good from what they were 2 days ago just wish I could get temps up!


Are you in a tent.
Light should help with temperature
Im at 160 watts in 2x4 tent and stay at 78 f for now

Yes I’m in 4x4 tent but using florescent light and not the big boy that I have waiting to shine down! I bought the new Scorpion Rspec fills the whole tent can’t wait to get it on!

How far from plant are you with the light as I have been thinking of firing that light up, and do you run 24hrs as I run 24 with florescent TIA