First indoor grow in NE

My first grow. I’m in a 2X4 Mothers Keeper tent, T5 4 bulb light with 4 10,000k finisher lights. FoxFarm Frog soil. General Hydroponics nutes, Cal-Mag and 2 sour diesel plants from ILGM.

The big plant is 22 days old. The small plant is 15 days old. It’ just worked out that way. I planted on the same day.
Everything looks ok thus far.
I’m in the NE. It’s cold, humid where I’m at, need a heater, not a humidifier. But I have the temps between 72 in tent, 80 or so at the soil level. Rh hovers at 40%, I have some items with raise it to 45% and above. Humidity doesn’t seem to be an issue.

I’m having fun. And my state says this is ok too. I’m aboard. Thanks all for letting me share.
I barely watered the big plant. The little one I tried nutes earlier than the big one.


Plants are looking great :+1: keep in mind happy frog soil already has nutrients


Looking great, welcome!

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Yes, I’m def trying not to over nute. First guy didn’t get water or nutes till day 12 or 13. Second guy, I tried something different, just to see the difference, I watered and nuted on day 7.

Thanks! I’m going to enjoy it here.

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Don’t give nutrients until your run off says it needs it.
You should be good until week 4 roughly, while in orgs ic soil avoid watering to run off until you need a run off sample.
Unless your feeding nutrients, then 20% run off is important to flush salts to avoid salt up PH issues and lock out.

Are you aware that soon you will need more lighting to grow buds? CFL’s are great for veg but your big plant will be to big in another 1-2 weeks and require true led or HPS power.

Ps don’t buy an led off amazon without consulting experienced members, we will save you alot of hassle and money wasting. Expect to spend 120-200$ per plant on lighting.

Looking healthy so far keep growing.


Thanks. That’s the first time anyone told me not to water for 4 weeks. Even instructive videos on the net never said that long. Most said 2 weeks with FF Frog. I am watering very little and used very little nutes.
You confused me with the flush? I was watering very little, but when I did, I watered till some came out the bottom of the pot. That’s not a good idea? Just a little every 2-3 days is fine?

I keep hearing that I need another light for flowering. This is my first grow and I’ll upgrade, but I purchased the lights with 10,000k HO finisher bulbs with an almost full spectrum. The seller said it is good for flowering as well. I’ve heard too many conflicting accounts of how my lights will function, but it seems the consensus is more light will be needed for big buddage.

@Nicky I have followed some of your thoughts on LED lights on another thread. I will upgrade if needed. Thanks.


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Ideally little to no water pouring out the bottom until you need a sample.
Next time you water catch it and sample it with a tds meter.
2 weeks seems short 3-5 is realistic but it depends on so many factors.

Full spectrum is now a useless term because it’s been taken by light manufacturers and used on every single light.

The basics about light is radiation, it takes power to make buds and some types of light are more efficient then others with of course LED’s being the most efficient currently.
There is a generalization out there of how many watts you need for your space depending on the type of fixture, HID lights as in CMH, MH, HPS, florescent and LED’s but those are at best generalizations for LED’s because so many types of them exist and the drivers/chips can be very differnt.

Lighting is a complex topic and it takes months to get a basic grasp.
Lots of reading to do.
Expect to grow airey loose buds under fluorescents and your plants to be spiney and spread out with long node spacing eventually due to lack of light penetration.

This is under a 200w clf
As you can see the plant has longer than diesl node spacing and It would. Never get enough coverage to flower ideally but soon after it went under a led

How many watts is your fixture?


I think 254W

I’m seeing T5 LED lights that I could utilize in my T5. What do you think of those? Could I go grab one or two and add them?
I need to read up on them. I just observed them at HTG

Here’s my ladies now. Day 18 and 11 from when they started vegging.

LST the one and it’s growing nice toward the lights.
Just wanted to share.


Hello, question? Noticed the tips seemed to be turning yellow. Not on fan leaves so much, but on these.
I’m in FF Frog soil. T5 lights 4 bulb 10000k. I had the plants at 12 inches, moved to about 3-4 inches, noticed this yellowing and moved it back to 12. Or so.
I haven’t used nutes that much. Watered 3 times I think. Twice with water and once with a small amount of generalhydro 3 pack and cal-mag. So I haven’t given it much of the nutes

Is this from the lights? Too close? Or did this plant get too much nute?
I looked at a website to try to figure it out, but I’m no

What do you think all?

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I looked around the site.
Seems it’s the light IMO.

I had it very close at one point. backed it up now.

If you haven’t been overfeeding her and like you said you moved the light closer that could have been a little bit of heat stress at the very tips of the leaves. Honestly I haven’t used the general hydro nutes so I’m not sure how strong they are but if its not really browning at the tips of the broad leaves I would lean more towards the light moving being the source like you said. Nice job tryin to figure it out. Like I said though I’m no end all authority man. The girls are looking good other than that hope they recover well with the light adjusted.

@BrokenHippy Thanks for the reply. I think we both got it correct. LOL. I think it’s the lights, since I raised them the points are getting less yellow and getting back to normal. I think. It appears anyhow.
I am pleased with the ladies. I’m a gardener, but this is a first. My winter hobby.


Nice man I’m glad its working out. I just had a whole thing with light stress after switching veg lights and having it way to close. But they all came right back, so they should recover well if that is what it was. Seems like gardening in general is a good starting point for alot of growers haha. I switched from just that to growing my meds awhile ago and it has all been a learning experience from there. Just trying out lots of different things and seeing what works best or at least seems to.


Here are the girls. Doing Ok.


@dbrn32 is a guru on light i here he should help. @TommyD happy growing stay the course good luck


Yes, he has provided great me insight to lighting on other threads. I have a plan for a new setup. So far so good with these 2, learning much and it’s fun in the winter. Thanks for commenting .

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took this with iPhone and Mag glass. working on it, lol