First harvest. Are they close?

Hi everyone!

My first post and my first grow! :grin: I need a little bit of help with figuring out the optimal harvest window, for a nice relaxing body high.

I have separated them in to Plant A and Plant B to avoid confusion and attached photos.

Basically, I am growing 2 plants, which are just bag seeds, nothing special, but it’s pretty clear that I have 2 different strains. They are now in the 7th week of flowering, but it looks like Plant A may be ready before Plant B.

I could be wrong, but from what I can tell, it looks like Plant A has around 1-2 weeks left and Plant B has around 2-3 weeks or so. Please feel free to correct me, that’s why I’m here. I need some expert help! :slight_smile:

So I guess my questions are;

Are they close to harvest?
Can you give a rough estimate by looking at the photos?
Can I keep Plant A in the same tent until Plant B is ready?

Any help and tips are greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!


First - welcome. Good looking girls and nice trichome pictures.
To my eyes the pictures of the plants themselves and their trichomes are somewhat contradictory.
Just looking at the plants I would say B is further along. This is based on looking at the pistils. It looks like it has more brown pistils and more of them are tighter against the flower than A’s.
On the other hand A’s trichomes look to be further along. However, this could be because A’s are from a sugar leaf rather than the bud itself. Sugar leaf trichomes age sooner than those on the bud. I will take a small sample of a calyx (where the pistils emerge) and look at the sample under the scope.S20200503_0003 S20200503_0004
Hopefully these will show you what I mean, You can see the pistil in upper frame. The bright green is the cut from removing the calyx. Maybe doing this will give you a more definitive picture of your harvest status.


Hi Beardless,

Thanks for your reply!

What you stated there is pretty much the exact issue I am facing. The pistils are browning up and starting to curl inwards but the trichomes are telling another story. At first I thought I may have mislabelled the pictures so I took more, and sure enough, they were right.

I did what you said, and cut off a calyx from each plant and had a look under the microscope but I’m still not 100% sure. I could only see a couple of amber trichomes on Plant A and they are very small but the majority of both plants trichomes appear to be cloudy. I have attached the pictures.

I know I’ll get the hang of this the more I grow, but for my first grow, I’d like to try and get it right and learn from this.


Welcome to the community. I have to agree with beardless. Plant B looks farther along. I would let them go a bit and keep checking the trichs. A good relaxing high for me is around 30% amber. Set to watch to see how they come out. Nice grow!


Yeah, I might just do that. I’ll let them do their thing for awhile longer and keep checking the trichomes. I’ll update this with more info and pics as I go. No doubt I will need more advice towards the end, just to make sure I don’t screw things up :sweat_smile:

The reason I thought Plant A was farther along was due to the trichomes, but looking at both plants through normal eyes (no microscope) it looks like Plant B is farther along. That’s why I wanted some advice or opinions from experienced growers such as yourselves.

@dex2020, Welcome to the forum. Your Girls are looking great. I am going through my first Harvest too and like you don’t want to screw it up at the very end. I have one Northern Lights that has all Brown Pistels but still needs a few more Amber, but very close. :grin:

@Newbie2020 Sounds nice!

It’s an exciting time, especially for first time growers. Then on to drying and curing. I can’t wait to try them! My next grow is going to be either White Kush or Northern Lights, I haven’t decided yet. I have seeds for both, but I’m thinking the White Kush due to it’s shorter growing time, at least that’s what I’ve read. I’m still quite new to this.

I’m not even sure what strains I’m growing. They were just bag seeds I’ve held on to over the years and thought I’d give them a shot.

I’d love to see some pics of your beauty!

Here are pictures of the Northern Lights (the small one) she has struggled her whole life but is going to finish and the second one is a Blueberry, she topped out at 38.5 inches. :smile:


Nice work mate, they look pretty good! Gonna get a few juicy buds off of them, for sure.

Looks like you’ll be harvesting soon, you lucky bugger.

Not sure enough the Girls are 100 days young today. :thinking:

@dex2020 @Newbie2020 Always a fun time once the buds start poppin. Patience pays off!!

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It sure will @ggc1962, Lots of Trichomes just need some Amber the rest seem to be almost all milky.

Remember they are plants and all these percentages are estimates / guidelines.

Bottom line it all depends on what the grower isi looking for.

Hoping this process we improve each time with more and more experience.

I love my new Hobby and my Man Cave smells Awesome. :laughing:

@dex2020 , @beardless, @Supajew420


Patience is definitely something I’ve learned more about while growing, but I’ve really enjoyed it.

I’ve ordered a decent camera for my next grow and will be making a time lapse video, just out of curiosity. Should be interesting!

These should be a better indicator of where you are at. Quick story. I just harvested at little white widow auto. I checked your trichomes about 10 days before harvesting her, A week later I checked her again and the amber trichome ratio jumped significantly. Truthfully I kinda lost track of her and was unable to finish her the way I would have liked to. I fed her flower nutes which I would not have. I would have flushed her. And given her a couple days is dark solitary confinement. None of this happened. She is drying now. So repeat what you just did in a couple of days. I will also use a hand held magnifier (like a Carson) to verify what I see under the scope. Under the scope I have a hard time differentiating clear from cloudy. I’m not sure if it is how the trichome is reflecting the light or if it is actually cloudy. You are close.

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Thanks mate, I’ll do that. I’ll probably post more pics down the track and get some opinions, but I’m pretty sure I know what to look for now. Time will tell :sweat_smile:

Little update.

Amber Trichomes are starting to show. Plant A looks to be a little further along than Plant B, going by Trichomes.

Should be good to go soon-ish. Opinions?


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Id be flushing both if it were me. Definately a

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That’s exactly what I did. Started flushing a few days ago and have been checking Trichomes every other day. All looking good so far. Fingers crossed! :sweat_smile:

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Had to pull them a few days early, but they look and smell quite good. Pretty happy for my first harvest. Now on to drying a curing!

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