First grow with leds

I’m currently on my 4th grow my first 3 grows I used my/hps lights but this time I’m using led. I bought a viperspectra 1200watt. I’m almost on week 4 of veg and growing auto flowers. The plants are very healthy but I’m noticing they are not stretching that much but I’m sure they will the next couple weeks they just started pre flowering. Any advice of height of the leds and could that be the cause of the lack of stretch? I just lst them last week


Use the specs on height on led I have the 1350 and 600 and go by specs but really I go a lot by how they reach for the lights. Don’t forget that’s a powerful light carefull of not burning the tips cause your to close. Happy growing

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Ok cool. I’ve been using the specs it came with but wasn’t sure how accurate they were. Thanks for replying any advice I get is greatly appreciated. Hopefully they start to stretch more in the next couple weeks.

That’s from all the blue light provided by viparspectra lights. Natural plant response is to have really squat plants with tight node spacing.

Does your model have switches that you can turn blues off and reds on and the plants should start to shoot up a little.

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Yes it has veg and bloom switches. I’ve had them both on the whole grow tomorrow is start of week 5.

Even with both on it’s not a very good light spectrum. If you want to see some vertical growth you’ll need to go with just the reds for a while.

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Great I appreciate that I’ll switch it over to the bloom switch that’s the one with the red spectrum

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So I have had just the bloom switch on for like 4 days and they are stretching nice now. Should I just run the rest of the grow with the bloom or is there a benefit to running both veg and bloom during flower?

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I used a Viparspectra PAR600 and grew a 39” tall Blue Dream and a 60” tall GSC. With all 3 switches on. I should clarify…all 3 switches on from the time I dropped the seed in soil to pulling the Blue Dream. The GSC is now under. 2 x 260xl rspec lights.

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Very nice! I’m growing autos so the won’t be that big. After 4 weeks mine were just not stretching with both veg and bloom but as soon as I turned off the veg they started stretching nicely

@Tom5 I tried growing a Auto but she didn’t take. But I didn’t know the proper light cycle till I joined here. I have a crap load of Auto seeds.

Ya I’ve been running mine 20/4 this grow my last couple I did 18/6

I was on a 12/12 so after failing I diidn’t try another Auto. But since joining here, I found to do the 18/6 or the 20/4.

So now I’m not afraid to grow Autos.

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Also most autos don’t do well topping them. Best way I’ve found is just lst. I’m sure people have topped and gotten good results but they do better when not stressed to much.

I’ve never actually topped a plant. My new babies will be my first real test from what I’ve learned since joining. I’ll do some Autos after these two different crops finish. I will be spending a month in Europe so I may wait till then to do some Autos. Easier for my Sis to take care of.

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U said u have 3 switches on your viperspectra? I have veg and bloom. What’s the 3rd on yours?

Also with autos u have to feed less nutes. I do half strength. my first grow I feed like they were photos and burned the shit out of them.

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One light is blue…one is red…last is white.

Here you go from them directly.

I would flower them with both switches on. No reason other than it’s more overall light energy. You can go to both switches on whenever you feel the build of plant suits your liking.

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