First grow. Rocky start but getting better

Hello all, this is my first grow ever im running a 2x4 tent with 2 marshydro ts600’s, coco/perlight medium amnesia auto, Jack here auto and a Hulkberry auto. As you can see by the first pics I run into a few problems early on but thanks to the advise from other members I was able to get it under control. Going into week 2

the girls seem to be doing much better.


How are you liking your setup? Haven’t started a grow yet, looking into the mars ts600 and a 2×4, thinking about growing afghan mass auto. Just researching, any input is good input to me, TIA

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So far I like the mars lights. but then again I’m a noob and don’t really have experience with any other lights, So I really can’t compare them to anything else.

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people get great results from mars lights. Im gonna follow along if you don’t mind.

Ill post some update picks later today. Buds look pretty good considering all the noob problems I’ve run into lol, about 2 weeks into flower my ph pen got way outta wack and I ended up nuking my plants thinking it was a deficiency for about 3 weeks. What can I say ya live you learn lol.

My girls vegged great under a Mars hydro I just prefer to flower under hlg rspec lights because the red really helps with bud development