First grow of Jack H, some leaves are a bit off color

Great grow until this week. First it began with the one plant with clawing and curling leaves, which I moved in case it was wind burn, but the fan doesn’t T usually go above 4. In the vegetative state the ac infinity ionboard 33 is supposed to be at 80%. I have it at 1 just to keep the temp down. It was once up near 84 even 85. The humidity has been a bit high at 70-74 at times. The plant to the right was the second to show browning at the edges. I am going on week 4 total. I am using fox farm soil. The ph is 7.5ish. Even my largest plant to the left is experiencing some light browning and some slight yellow discoloration on some of the lower leaves. The soil is slightly moist and I am only foliar feeding them with pure ph neutral water misting while the roots from last weeks transplant grow into the 1 gallon fabric pots atop self watering bases. I stopped using any nutrients late last week. I began using Robert’s vegetative stage in a spray foliar feeding. I had used the seedling nutrient in a spray before. I am using the correct amount. What am I doing wrong, please?

Actually I think I may have used a bit too much of the seedling nutrient in the first few weeks spray foliar feeding. Still, it looks like some of them got a bit of veg spray curl and others are clawing. My Veg soliton is dead on.

Hopefully someone else will chime in but 2 things immediately come to my attention. PH is way high, it will not be able to absorb a lot of the nutrients at that level. Second thing is fox farm soil is usually hot and will last 4-6 weeks before any nutrients need to be added. Just my 0.02 from what I know and have seen.


Should I flush the soil? I did actually last week give it a good watering at the time of transplant.

In fact I am awaiting it to properly dry out. I am thinking 1) stop using nutrients period for a while. Then gradually add. Is foliar feeding too much? I am not adding nutrients to the soil.

So Robert’s advice is to remove any leaves showing signs of nute burn and flush. So I did.

Here are the leaves:

Ph should be 6.5-6-8 and Since you just transferred to a bigger pot you dont need any nutrients right away and i suggest getting yourself a tds meter to check the ppm on your runoff to know when to start feeding again


Cheers and thank you

Also dont spray anything on them when the lights are on


However: acc to RB:


Yeah my water’s PH is 8, and the runoff is like 7.8. I need some way to bring the alkalinity down, maybe.

Probably some PH Down?

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Okay, the main issue is foliar feeding with the temperature being 80 or above. Working on lowering the temperature. It has been elusive so far. Adding an ac

Yea ph down will help with your ph issue and i dont have any experience with foliar feeding so i can’t give any advice on that

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Water with a PH of 8 is way high very likely you get your PH to around 6.5 your problems will go away

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Just my 0.02 the ph is way to high. They look to be in nutrient lock out. next watering try ph’ing water to 5.8-6.0 to bring ph down than gradually increase it to 6.5 and check runoff for ppm

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With the lights lower and the temperature lower, I can spray a fine mist of RB’s veg nutrient and it grows much faster.

Has anyone tried EWC/AACT regimen for soil? With this regimen, no additions or amendments are needed.