First grow in the works. Need some help with 1 of my autos

I have an amnesia haze autoflower that is currently 10 weeks old. This is the only one that hasnt started flowering. It has been showing white hairs for at least 2 weeks. I had to trim alot of it because it was literally a bush. Lol
I have a UK Cheese, 2-Blue Dream and a Sour Diesel that all started flowering and are almost done. These were all started the same time or a week apart.

I’ll include pictures of the others as well. Hard to see but the close ups are long white hairs . I’ve since moved that one outside as im starting my next batch in tent

We have seen autos take 12 weeks to flower it’s not common but does happen just be patient bro


Worst case you could go 12/12 to see if it flowers at that maybe your got a photo. Rather than and auto

Good to know. Anything i can do to help get light to the rest of the plant? It is so thick and it grew up rather than out(if that makes sense)

You can defoliate any leaves blocking bud sites and I personally clear the bottom third of the plant out to allow them to concentrate on the colas this also helps with airflow and light penetration

Newbie here, i was under the impression you werent really supposed to trim autos unless dead leaves. Ill have to give her another cut

I always defoliate autos that are bushy to allow light and airflow when removing thing take no more that 20% of the entire foliage of and do it over a few days I’ll tag u in my thred so ya can see what I do

Dont worry its nothing i had a gorilla glue auto go to ten weeks before it flowered she will flower soon

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@Lph008 I agree with those above :point_up_2:, I pluck my autos of larger older fans that are blocking out light and air flow as well. Having patience with a slow poke is necessary or the forced into a flip 12/12 will work if you have an indoor setup. Every auto is unique to its own individual internal clock. She’ll get there……eventually lol. Good luck and enjoy!!


I second the “have patience with a Slowpoke”. :wink:

Just having finished my Slowpoke who flowered at day 44 and finished at day 129, and would have been happily poking along still if I hadn’t really needed my big tent!

Seeing as how she doesn’t seem to have inherited the “auto” gene, I’d probably try flipping her to a 12/12 schedule. I mean she’s big and beautiful, best to humor her.

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I better not let my wife follow you she’s already a firm quoter of ‘happy wife happy life’ lol. She’ll start doubling down with this too!! :rofl::joy::grin:


Well, my husband humors me… :wink:

“I want to grow weed!” “Go ahead honey, have fun!”

Little did he know.


@Fiz typical of my time spent in here- waiting on a :heart: refill lol!! :green_heart::green_heart::green_heart::green_heart:

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