First grow help with seedlings

My girls are looking much better this morning after removing water from the trays, still lots of moisture, and a pinch of ILGM fertilizer. Even the weak one is looking much better. will take pictures this afternoon and post. I have the dome off, half door and window open in greenhouse as it will rise to the 60’s today, already almost 80F inside. Thanks for all the great suggestions, I am thinking it was lack of nutrients, amazing I didn’t think of that. The leaves are looking good and bright green, so no light burn in my opinion.

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You can get some citric acid in the canning section from most grocery stores. $4-5 for it and I’m still using the same one for over a year.

Also you may want to go ahead and mix up the happy frog and pot it up into their final homes. When you do PH your water to around 6.5 or so and water the new soil some and dig the hole and pour a cup of water in the hole and then transplant.
If you have an Aloe plant around the house cut off a leaf open it up and squeeze all the goo out into your water stir it up and water them with that. Amazing stuff in that goo. That’s all I use for cloning to get the roots to develop.

Awesome, Aloe? Yes mama has a plant in the house, will borrow a leaf, lol.

Here are pictures taken early this afternoon, complete difference. It had to be the lack of food!! So glad we have all the experts here to guide us.

So you are saying I can go from the grow pod to a 5 gallon pot right away?

Sure I don’t see why not.
You could have just put the tailed seed in the final pot too.

Ok, was not sure and don’t know why I was thinking they needed to be gradually moved up to bigger pots. less work this way, thanks

People use starter pots for various reasons.
Space as they have other plants going and that type of thing.
Some always just put a seed in the final pot and some sprout the seed first and then into final pot.
The less you have to transplant the less stress etc.

Pot up and give them fresh soil

I will today, thanks

My question is how do you achieve plants of this size?

The girls a couple of days later. The scrawny one is dirty from me spilling dirt on her during the transplant, but she is doing much better as well

turns out we had a couple of Aloe plants in the greenhouse, and I took a big leaf and squeezed in the water for the girls. Letting them dry out a little bit, and they will get the Aloe treatment, maybe tomorrow evening, lol.

You may want to consider watering the tray at bottom and letting them wick up the water … the roots search for water and they will go down to it.
Put some in The tray and wait…more…wait until the peat pots are wet looking too to bottom. They will draw up what’s in the tray over awhile so do in stages. If you end up with water in tray after 30 min or so just dump it out.

I will, thanks

Did as you indicated, amazing how the pots wick up the water. Overnight everything has taken off, including my small tomato seedlings, going crazy, about to overgrow the big tray. I had been watering from the top, mostly misting and a decent soaking once a week or so. Very impressive.

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Awesome glad they responded well!

When they are small like that I will do both top water and flood.
I have used peat pots in the past but I also would cut the sides and bottom with razor blade/box cutter slices in the pot BEFORE planting seedlings. When you do pot them into the larger pot you’ll want to make sure you tear the top ring off and if possible remove the bottom if you can do so with out tearing roots. If not just loosen things up.

I switched to using Cow Pots made from cow manure and they break down much quicker than the peat pots but I still slice them up before planting unto them so there are places for the roots to easily grow through into main soil.

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This morning. I had planned to cut them up some before planting. The top ring is new to me but will try to do it without doing damage.

These are my mystery seeds from a friend. ha can’t tell me what they are other than photos. They are over 2 years old, and I tried germinating 4 of them. Actually three came up, the third one is there just hasn’t popped yet to the right, even though it has a small tail. it dawned on me this morning I better learn to tell the boys from the girls since I have no idea what I have here.

I finally received my white widow autos from ILGM and had to try two of them

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question, I forgot, are all seeds feminized or all seeds autoflower? Getting ready to order.