First Grow, Guerilla Glue & Lemon Kush, Should I continue to LST?

Here is another view of the LK. I’m not seeing anything to tell me the sex but some of you may see something different.

Shea definitely taking her time.

And another view for the LK.

These were taken just now.

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@Holmes Is it possible this LK is an auto and that is why it isn’t flipping with the rest of the girls? The wedding cake, other LK and GG are all flowering and I’m aware that you really cannot force an auto to flower.

The other LK and WC are both going to a new veg tent tomorrow so a lot of space is about to open up.

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Lastly, a top view of the big LK today.

Shea not showing any flowering up top that I can see at all.

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Where they all from a reputable seed bank and all from same package? If so then probably just being a girl(stubborn and got to have her way) :grimacing:

Haha no. These are all bag seed from various strains. It’s partly why I’m so damn proud of them.

Here is another view from today. I’m seeing nothing new.


I think you are OK, but still keep your eyes on her!

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Thanks for taking the time! Sorry for the constant every few day question! Haha.

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That is why I am here man, I love this weed and I love to see people succeed! So I see it as a win/win!

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It’s why I’m here and not on reddit. I’ve found you all to be just great and haven’t felt like an idiot.

My two mains are getting more room today will the two smaller ones will go into the new veg tent. Had to flip them due to my GG being so large.

Hopefully I’ll have no unneeded drama with the reveg with these two. I’ve only given them veg nutes.

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@Holmes This is the GG today. From my limited experience, she looks happy.

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How long in flower? Not an auto?

I flipped these over to flower almost three weeks ago from 18/6 to 12/12. First buds started appearing last week so this is the second week of flowers being in bloom. These flipped when I wanted them to so I believe these are photoperiod and not autos, but they were all bag seed from various strains. Why out of curiosity on the length in flower?

Then You need to scrog if you are going too, actually I do mine when I put them in 12/12! If it is an auto it does not matter what you do, it will do it’s thing on it’s own time!

I haven’t decided on using a net or not. The stems are incredibly strong due to me pinching them when they were younger but I’m already starting to see weight being placed on the smaller stems. I’ll look more into it it shortly. I’ll definitely need to start setting the canopy where it is and keep it there. Thanks man.

@Holmes Just a bit more history on the Guerilla Glue. I low stressed trained her, where her main stem is literally sitting on the pot lid. At the time I did not know she wasn’t an auto so I did not top her at all. So all of this growth is just from the outgrowth from the main stem. If I knew she was a photo, I would have topped her at the 5th or 6th node first.

Since I only have the two that I’m keeping in flower, and the Lemon Kush taking her sweet time to do anything, I may have to wait and scrog on the next run in Jan. The LK hasn’t grown an inch in weeks and as you’ve seen from the photo’s. Main reason for this grow was I got tired of buying overpriced product.

A quick update on the Wedding Cake. She’s going over to the new veg tent for another few months. The small lemon kush next to it on the left is going into the new tent as well at a different location.

@Holmes Here is a closeup view of one of the flowers… Is the browning normal?


If you are speaking of the Pistils, yes it is normal! If you touch them they will brown or orange also.