First Grow-did everything wrong and still happy

First attempt at growing anything. I did everything wrong as a learning process. Accidentally left the jiffy pod mesh on and had to transplant twice…too weak beginner indoor light during seedling germination; outside temps of 45 for a few days. Massive thunderstorms a couple of days and hazy the rest.

But at 28 days for the auto ILGM gold leaf I’m just happy they are alive. Whether I get anything out of them doesn’t even matter :grinning: lol

Here’s a few pics of my Stunted children. The tall one is about 5-6 inches in a pot in a pot kit. The others are about 4-5 inches at day 28 in FFHF, with living soil auto concentrate layer at the bottom. Just feels good to grow something ….

Enjoying this so much, just ordered some for seeds to try another more informed late summer outdoor auto grow


It’s a weed! … lol looking fantastic!
Good luck! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


Welcome @downbythepylons. Are you growing these autos outdoors? Your germ light from sprout to 2nd week can be a T5 fluorescent light, I mentioned that because you stated a weak light.

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Thanks for the reply’s all.

ghobbs82. I am growing out side and used I did use a T5 prior to moving outside, which is installed under my cabinets. Unfortunately I got a ton of stretch. Those lights are only about 18”, one foot, another 6 inch bulb. I think they only are listed at 8watts , which this round seems not to work. I also could not find a grow bulb in that T5 size…

Maybe I just screwed up but I think it was the lack of light from these old t5s.

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Congratulations on picking up an addiction! Growing is contagious


Hello again forum. I’ve made it to 8 weeks (day 56). Four out of five still going and have developed smaller buds. Maybe a 1/4 inch, clearly not close to harvest .

The fifth has a bit larger buds a which are growing daily. I know every environment is different, particularly outdoors but can anyone give any info on a typical harvest window? Only thing I can find online says 8-10 weeks from sprout…this could be accurate but just wanted some more info before I start to find a magnifying glass and post the inevitable should I chop now post.



Are you counting the 56 days from sprout? I typically count germ period as 2 weeks then day one starts for me for journal purposes especially close to harvest on reducing nutrients and flushing. That’s the only time I count days and for routine feeding schedule other than that autos do their own thing. I’ve had autos harvested that were 10 days younger than some older ones. Hope that helps :love_you_gesture:

Just from appearance, I would say at least 3 weeks left. Checking trichomes in 2 weeks and along the way will give you a better idea of when their Ready :love_you_gesture:

Thanks for the replies all
Yes I’m counting 56 days from sprout
I’ll keep checking and hope to post an update on a week or so

Much obliged for the helpfulness of this forum

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