First Grow Complete

Hello! I’ve spent a fair amount of time gathering info on this site and it seems in order to really get the answers you need, certain variables need to be listed. So…

I completed my first round of 5 auto plants grown outdoors with inadequate results but a wealth of information to arm me for a second round already in its first few days. I yielded 10grams from 1 plant that was stunted from something I messed up. The others yielded about 2 ounces each. No lst or topping fimming. Pics below.
I live in SoCal, I want to build a room in my attic. I have easily 1500 sq ft available with more than 6ft headroom. I’m thinking to start with a tent or just a small room. I could also build a room on my property as well. I have a space that is 10’x40’. I would prefer the attic though to keep it more stealth.
I have no equipment just yet lights fans nothing. My question is: what lights would be best. I’ve found some that are $100 for 1000w with Samsung chips (spider farms) and others from Mars $79 for 600w but then there are others that are 500-1000. I’m not entirely on a budget. I have money but I also have a wife and child. I would prefer to spend the money if it helps avoid headaches but save it if it’s not necessary.
Should I use a tent in an attic? Is an attic not ideal for SoCal climate? An outdoor room is a big commitment and will take some time plus I have nosey neighbors that I would like to avoid if possible.
At this point, I’d like some help on picking location and equipment that is vital to get started. Thank you in advance!

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hello there! Couple zs… nice time… learning how to make more zs… priceless! I’m really new so I’m only gonna speak on one thing. Generally attics are the worst. Temps climb higher. Good luck!!

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I would say the attic already has a big downer for me, 6 foot cieling is way too short. Even 8 feet is pretty short for growing pot. If you look at most large grow facilities they all have high cielings there are reasons for that. Heat rises and that make a high cieling good for removing heat from the plant area. Pots take up a foot or 2, the light takes another foot or 2, pretty soon your 6 feet is 2 feet of plant height. Plus attics are notoriously crappy for environmental control. I would build an insulated shed with a veg room and a flower room. The veg room can be smaller than the flower room. I would make my cielings 10 foot, trust me 10 foot is the bomb for indoor growing!
As for the lighting, go HLG for sure, you can save some money if you make yer own too


I opted for a tent in the yard. I would love to do a green house but need to feel out the neighbors first. My next door neighbor is retired LAPD so I need to tread lightly. We share season tickets to see the ducks which I’m sure, my latest hobby will be discussed over our first game. I did purchase some HLG lights. Thanks for that tip. HLg has some nice products for sure!

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