First Grow/ Am I doing this right?

Ended up ordering the Kosher Nute starter set… it was relatively cheap at $40 and free shipping. So I should add when I’m less than 1000 ppm? And then just add based off of their chart depending on what stage I’m in? I’m asking in terms of future grows too

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I think you will be happy with them. I sure am.
I won BOM with kosher in July.

Yes, the chart is as easy as it gets too! I do recommend that the first feed you do at 1/2 strength. Do this with ANY nutes. Its good to give the plant a chance to get used to them. 2nd unless runoff tells you otherwise, feed every other watering. Or Feed, water, feed, water… 3rd this nutrient line works best in RO or distilled water. The reason for this is it has calcium and magneesium in the mix and so does tap water…my experience was that the tap water had too much calcium when combined with the nutes and it caused ph fluctuations. That being said filtered tap water would be best if RO or distilled arent options. Distilled is very spendy at like $1.50 a gallon but RO water can be found at filling stations in almost any walmart for about $0.30 a gallon. Just make sure its not one of those alkaline water stations, that defeats the whole purpose. When using RO or distilled ph should come out at 6.3-6.5 naturally. Really love Kosher nutes.

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Sorry, should have asked this earlier… Just putting the pieces together on everything you mentioned. Like you said, earlier about pouring 50 gallons in one day not being considered over watering… Since I’ve never tested for nutes, how do you feel about me watering to runoff to check ppm and then watering with nutes directly after if needed? Or should I always just wait until next feed

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You can do that, there is less absorbtion but still effective. That being said if the runoff tds is say 950ppm, id wait till the next watering. Once in flower you can maintain a slightly higher soil tds say 1200 or more depending on the plant. You have some flexability.


Very appreciative of all your help!

I don’t want to be annoying, but how would you feel if I started a new seed and updated you weekly? It would be nice to have a mentor perspective from the beginning to end at least on my first. I don’t want to overstep though so you let me know!

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As a matter of fact I forgot I had that other seedling that just sprouted a week ago I could use

Absolutely! I urge you to start a grow journal and tag me to it. Ill tag you to a couple of my journals so you can take a look and I suggest updating more frequently then once a week. I work 6am to 5pm (mountain time) m-f but I come here everyday so Ill always reply within 12 hours.
Be sure to start the thread with a list of your equipment, your soil makeup, and your nute lineup. This will be more helpful to others then you but thats good, your success will inspire other new growers and thats what the forum is all about.

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So I watered today to runoff for the first time. Last time watering was wednesday about 2 measured cups… Here’s what I got…

  1. Blue Dream:

Soil seemed a bit dry yesterday an inch or down but I waited an extra day to be safe. She held about 2.5 liters of water before my drip tray was full. Fed with straight water at 6.5 ph. The runoff surprised me just a bit…

Additionally, PAR is about 575 if I’m using Photone correctly lol

  1. B.A.M

PPM: 1820
PH: 5.6?!
PAR: about 600

I’ve gradually bumped my light up slowly watching for negative effects and havent seemed to notice any… but temps are up and hard to maintain, especially with southern GA heat. I’m pushing around 83 degrees on average until the sun goes down and it drops to mid 70’s. Humidity still averages around 50%. I do have a humidifier on the way. But I’m leaving my tent door open so much to help cool down that I’m not sure how much it’ll help. No nutes added still since PPM was so high.

Cant offer any advise on your numbers but the plants look really good IMO.

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Quick mid week update! Going forward I’ll be updating Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday for consistency!

Taking all the tips on light and watering to runoff has turned into a game changer! Gradually worked the light all the way to 100% checking for negative effects and haven’t seen any. I was super nervous about watering to runoff the first time, but Blue Dream’s leaves never even drooped… speaking of Blue Dream, she’s completely 180’d. She’s branched out a good bit, but still appears to be in late veg for now. She’s even became taller than the other. Every day I’m seeing so many changes! Business as usual, just monitoring day by day… BAM entered flower around my last post, I havent seen too many changes with her other than increased crystals day by day. I’m counting 9 flower sites but I’m not sure how productive she’ll be with some of my early errors. I’m estimating my next water and runoff check to most likely be around Monday.
I did order a new PH pen (Apera)… I have 2 others that I use, but they have to be calibrated so much it’s hard for me to trust.

Blue Dream:


Here is a general pic of my setup!

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Sorry for the late update! Wasn’t feeling well earlier this week… Every thing has been relatively low maintenance. I check them multiple times a day and I’ve rotated them again. Soil still feels a tiny bit moist from watering to runoff last monday so I’ll wait until later to water them.

This one seems to be in preflower? She’s been stretching a good bit day by day. I’d say approximately 2 foot tall. Every time I think she’s topped out, she grows another node.

No changes here in about a week or so. Just a little more crystals on the leaves around bud sites. Leaves look to be clawing a little? …lower leaves almost seem to be wilting even though they feel normal. I’m assuming that’s due to light being blocked by top leaves.

This is what I found it is very helpful!

Complete_Beginners_Cannabis_Growing_Guide.pdf (

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Gonna go ahead and update today since I watered! Both took between .5-.75 gallons.


Looks normal to me, a little bit of drooping because she was thirsty. She’s usually got praying leaves though


This one has been looking weird for about a week now and I’m not sure why? @Docnraq any ideas?

I wish I could say I had a reliable PH/PPM reading from runoffs… Two different pens showing about 5.8PH (not sure what’s causing that. HF/OF soil and lowest PH water ever used was 6.2ish)… PPM one meter told me 1800 and the other 1100. I’m leaning with the one that says 1100 since I think it’s a little unrealistic to still be over 1800. If you have any meter recommendations I’d greatly take them! I splurged and bought an Apera PH meter for around $60 but of course it arrived defective so I’m having to wait on that process. This is what I currently have. The one on the far left seems the most inaccurate.

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Sux about the meter difficulties. When it gets sorted, you will love that Apera.

That other plant looks like she could be struggleing to uptake nutrients. With runoff ph of 5.8 then that could be trueish 5.8 isnt terrible.

They could also naturally be being used up by the plant. This isnt uncommon in flower. Especially to leaves too far away from the light to be really effective at photosynthesis.

Id clear those out.

This pic says alot about your plants health. Which is good. The leaves are green so nutes are there, buds look healthy.

Nutrients and residual salts from feedings will bring down soil ph and dip your runoff readings. Which is normal. Your input on water only days should offset this. So since its low your water input should be high like 6.8ph to bring it up. The water you use on water only days needs to be ph stable also. This means it must have at least 300-350ppm tds. Calmag or a lil epsom salt can help with this, a lil tap water to bring the tds can work as long as its dechlorinated. It doesnt take much. This will help the water to adjust the soil ph.

Lastly with FF soil a good flush may be in order.

Your BD looks super happy!

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Thank you! After watering, BAM leaves perked up a bit but are almost completely yellow on those specific ones. I’m thinking it’s the natural process like you said and will go ahead and remove them… I hope this isnt too much of a noob question. When I take my shears, I trim all the way back to the stem? Should I also clear the 2 that are up higher? Or will that affect photosynthesis too much?

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Id leave em just incase the issue persists. Better she eat up already half chopped leaves then two shiny new ones.

Anytime, and you are most welcome my friend.

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Just a quick Wednesday update! No changes and no waterings since last time. About to go ahead and trim the yellow leaves now.

Blue Dream


about to trim those lower yellow leaves now!

Watering day! Gave both half a gallon, that seems to be the magic number before my runoff tray is overflowing.


Trimmed a few of the lower yellow leaves from before that had started to wilt. Runoff if still a bit wonky, PH at 5.8, PPM 1150… I PH’d the water I fed her to 6.8. She’s been “stuck” looking like this for over a week…I messed her up early on, but let’s see how she turns out. That’s what first grows are for.

Blue Dream

Watered .5 gallon. I did not ph this, just to run a bit of a test. Tap water read at about 7.2ish. Runoff 6.5ph, ppm 990. So maybe I shouldnt lower the ph of my tap?.. I’ll give her a half dose of Kosher Nute bloom/base for the next feed. Or should I go ahead and run full dose @Docnraq ? She seems to be done stretching or significantly slowed as of a few days ago

Half a gallon should not be running off in a 5 gal pot, you need to slow down your pour rate.

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They’re 3 gal

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