First grow aloth super skunk

Name Sloth Super Skunk (SSS)

Environmental Outdoor, Mid to late summer
Humidity high - no control greater than 60% most days
Temp hot range 20-38 Not to many hot days did require watering basically daily.
Type Indica dominate
Seed Supplier Unknown mystery Vietnamese oz i got seeds that were in OZ
Pot Size 250mm
In Ground 20th January 2019
Germination 22nd January 2019 2 14 hours 3 mins light decreasing 22nd Jan
Veg 22nd January 2019 - 24th March 2019 61 12 hours 3 mins on the 24th March
Flower 24th March 2019 - 5th May 2019 42 10 hours 39 mins
Harvest 5th May
Total Grow Duration 3 months, 2 weeks, 1 day 105
Size 1000-1100 cm
Dry Time 10th May 2019 6
Fertiliser Veg ozmocote, changed to rose ozmocote during flower
Water Schedule daily during hot day sometime twice a day up to 1 ltr. Weekly use 1 ml of seaweed to 2 ltr of water.
PH not measured
Grams 94 3.3 OZ

Grow, Cure and Smoke Notes
"No major issues during grow. Pretty impressed for my first attempt really. One time during grown, in flower I let it dry out due very hot day. Robust growth with thick resin laden buds, pungent but not over powering that produced a crown larger than beer can. Grow saw the introduction of 2 rounds of ground coffee beans, each approx. 3 table spoons spread over the top. Taste notes suggest coffee will experiment more. During drying experienced issue with moth over flower, looked like flowers had mould. Discovered a black spots on stem of plant and deduced that the moth had hatched from these black spots. removed black spots. Turned on fan to hasten the drying time and remove moisture meaning the moth larva could not hatch. Spray into room not directly without plant. Not for next time removed these prior to drying. I did remove some but need to inspect plant closely to ensure you either squash to remove these black spots. Cure basically for 3 weeks before the arrival of Markfrom nz. Cured in glass jars burping twice daily for 4 days, noticed no moisture so dropped back to burping 1 days for the next 5, days. Would them open jar every 3-4 days 10mins to 1 hour close back up. Had a few samples before arrival of Mark which was green but nice taste. Cure has done this baby justice as it is extremely smooth with stong coffee taste with a hint of earth and chocolate. June 19th Cure now 7 weeks very nice enjoyable smoke. Heady and does not create lounge lock. Found very good for sleep. "


Nice looking cola, congrats!

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Thats a frosty looking nugg! Well done with the grow. Congrats