First Batch of Zkettlez

My first Zkettlez batch. 42 RH/ 77 Temp right up to harvest. Dried 42 RH/77 Temp. Wrong. After six days I cut all dried pods off didn’t need to trim because buds and leaves were dried. Put dried buds in glass jar with an orange peel and all buds sucked all the moisture out of of the orange peel. Buds are sticky, smelly and moist. I’m curing now for two weeks. Still on going. Now that little trick saved my buds life. I was disappointed with the height and amount of buds I got maybe an ounce of product. No pest, mole, or over watering or under watering. Light was a 1000 spider farmer light. Used P2P supplies for a 5 gal pot. The drying process 60 RH and 90 temp w/fan I will make adjustments in the future. An easy grow. As a newbie I will move on to gold leaf seed.

welcome @johnnylvjohnny good to hear your drying and curing story and it worked out in the end. Do you have a smoke report :dash: :dash:

Burned a small sample but still very moist. Smelled awesome a very kicked back feeling with relaxing mood. No jitters, no paranoia, smooth. It gives you a shot of energy if you want to stay up late. Good to have extra seeds in the freezer for the future. J

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@johnnylvjohnny @Jaysittinback Great to hear your Zkittle grew well…I grew this strain last season…Outdoor auto ILGM . I did a little experiment and started it late in the season as to see if less heat would be better …I also harvested very late ( In NOV.) I cured it in Grove Bags and let me tell you It was a success! I had increased Trichomes and Terpens…A very good strain! If you like Zkittlez…try a Runtz strain…It has the same fruity notes as Zkittlez!!


Good genes. I think they both have GDP and Skunk as grandparents, grape ape is a cousin too. I partner’d on a Zkittle grow but can’t say I grew it well. Runtz is on the to-do list, I just read it’s sometimes even better.

About the zkittles aroma and flavor… Are any of you picking up on grape or candy notes in the profile when burned? Im trying to determine if my zkittles pheno is in line with others.

Yes candy. I’d call more generally ‘fruity’ like Juicy Fruit gum maybe slightly of grape.


Thanks @Jaysittinback … I’ve never tried zkittles until this harvest, and so, it has me wondering if I’m looking for something that’s never gonna be there.
I do kinda get hints of that juicy fruit on the first flame

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yeah at first untill it’s smoking eh

Welcome to the family! Congrats on a successful harvest and good save on the dry! No becomes the hardest part waiting on the cure. I thought waiting on the buds to finish was the worst until the cure wait!
Lot of good folks here that will help you out

My favorite grow so far is zkittles

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Good idea, I was thinking of trying that in the spring and harvest before late July, the hot peroid here. Or doing something to beat the heat anyway.
Runtz sounds great but it’s a little too high on sativa for me. I mean I would def enjoy it but Zkittles at 75% indica and Grape Ape at 80 or 90% indica, those are the hybrids I like most.

You mentioned disappointment with yield, an sf1000 is only 100w. Maybe a more powerful light would help you out.

Ok thanks. J

Grape. J

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Thanks. J

Thanks for the tip. J

I have been trying my zkittles and it smells good but it doesn’t taste sweet like how it smells. Is that normal?

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Been let down before that my buds dont taste like they smell raw while often there is still some taste there when burned it’s just weaker and mixed with other tastes.
The temperature of the burn, if it’s joints, has a lot do do with it. So how dry it is, how finely you chopped it up, how tight you rolled it. I hate grinders because they seperate the coarse from the fine and it fills the paper inconsistently. I’ve been paying attention to this for years and I’m sure a coarse chop by scissors, medium papers, and a medium burn not too fast or slow, will give best taste.

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I use grove bags and use a clean bong. When i vape i get some good flavors but all my flowers dont taste good.

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