Finishing up a grow and new bubble cloner

This is towards the end of the grow for a Sativa I grew out of some bagseed (suppose to be K2), using a 5 gal bucket dwc, airstone, General Hydroponics trio. The 2nd photo is of a bubble cloner I made. I got the inspiration off a system another grower posted on one of the threads here. I’m running Lighttimetunnel 300 watt led units for the main lights (I have 3 of those, plus a UFO led 145 watt unit) and I have 2 45 panel leds that I can use for seedlings. Have some ILGM Northern Lights feminized on the way as I type, so they will be the next big project! Gonna be running about 4 5 gal buckets at a time, perhaps 5.