Few marijuana plant questions

A question from a fellow grower:

Hi mate have a fruity chronic 4 ft been in flowering for nearly 7 weeks. Gave it thrive flower and fruit 2 weeks ago. Is that a good one and do i have to hit it again or now start to flush? Because it will be around 8 or,9 weeks after flushing.

There are also buds on branches do they spread all along branch or only were the buds are by bulking up. This is first time for me and only have the one. Finally, as this has been an outdoor, and only brought in dark room for 12 hours and out in normal light for 12 hours does it have to continue like that till ready or can i just leave outside? And finally do i count from 12 and ,12 or when its started to preflower. I’m in Adelaide sa Australia.please respond soon i want to pull up. Buds are brownish reddish now. Or do i have to check tricomes and were are they?

Hey. Wanted to say; I will read again in a few hours. I want to help you, but I need to sleep. Manana! :smiley: