Feminized Blueberry project

Funny thing happened. She self LST’d this morning. I opened the door and she was listing to one side. So I staked her up a bit and I’m 16 inches away from the light on the main tips. Good enough for now. Thanks for the advice @LoCoRockill probably also do the tips if they grow too close again.

That’s where I am 7 days after flip


I think your gonna end up doing it pretty soon regardless, she looks like the perfect candidate man. Have you pulled on her a little bit to see how far you could get her down. Anyways I’m glad you got something out of it for now. It looks like you could use a bead of caulk around the floor drain, stop water from getting in between the shower pan… LoL sorry it caught my eye… guess what line of work I’m in! Stoner signing off!!

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I pulled her tips a little here and there. Now that she is listing by her own weight and I have her staked I can easily manipulate the tips when necessary. Thanks for the tip on the drain! When I turn this area back into a shower, I’ll be sure to do the caulking.

Thought I’d show you what I’ve done. The tent is now 7 and a half ft tall.

I’m still hesitant to tie her up because I’ve never done it but it seems my time has come. Her tips again are too close to the light and I can’t make the tent any taller. I think she’ll stop growing up soon but DAMN!! She a big girl!

Well I tied her up today. Hope she can take it


well I re did the tieing. Now she is spread eagle. Tips are about 15 inches away from the light. Hope she likes it! @LoCoRock. Thanks for the tip.

Glad you got some height back, going to the tips give ya more still. What your comfortable with she’s got a month plus to go still. Just remember you topped her so be careful bending her at that point, work her branches she’s pliable. Congrats though…

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Thought I’d show you where I’m at. The 9 week due date is still 5 weeks away! Still no tricomes yet. But they are coming along nicely!

Well that plant did turn out to be a success… Sort of. I harvested 2.11 oz. Off of it. I made a lot of mistakes however. But I learned from them.Then I started her sister. I’ve been keeping a diary since I started her. But I wanted to share with the group because… Well. I’m proud of her! So as best as I can, I’ll bring you up to speed!




First set of leaves

Little concerned. Looks small for a 17 day old Seedling.

Sitting pretty. I think she needs a bigger playground.

New Digs! She got her first taste of nutes on transplant.
Happy New Year! She perked up overnight!
Wow! Getting stronger!

Beautiful girl!
ILGM Feminized Blueberry day 35!