Female? Or is it to early to tell?

I have a bag seed alien kush i started to help my germination skills but it taking off. I was wondering if its showing sex yet? Its only about 17 days old. Im thinking its female but is it too soon to tell?

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You can usually tell by about week 6, dude. But I love your optimism! :grinning:

Yup, too soon.

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To soon for sure.

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Absolutely too soon to know.

@Graysin @ShockDog @dbrn32 so we are now about 6 weeks in and I thinks this plant looks like a female. Can someone help me?
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@503KING can you come re-upload so we can see what’s going on? They didn’t fully load before posting

I don’t see any indications of sex yet

Too early…anticipation is hard

She almost 7 weeks now. I just want to make sure and catch it early if it is a male.

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@503KING hello not sure if you’re still trying to figure out if it’s a male or female? If you’re still not sure you can always take a clone from your plant. Put it under 12 12 light and within a week you should be able to tell if it’s male or female. If it grows pistols it’s a female if it grows balls it’s a boy? Then you’ll know whether to keep the plant or toss the plant. Have fun and happy growing


You have plenty of time to tell if its male. Just keep an eye out. But no need to worry its not like the male balls will explode with pollen in a flash. Smoke some and enjoy. Good Luck