Fem or auto super skunk?

I am planning to get started growing in a couple of weeks and ordered fem WW for my first try in my 4x4x6 ft tent. I don’t know much about the stuff and do kind of understand the difference in the two types of seeds. It appears to me that the auto has a faster turnaround from start to finish. I also don’t want to mix strains in a 4 plant grow system so that i don’t have any height issues. But, should I try auto for my second order from ILGM? In no hurry on this one as this will be 4 months down the road anyways.

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I prefer photoperiod to autos because you have control over how big you want them to get. With autos, they grow however they want lol. I grew WW autos outside last year and they got to 4+ feet tall. I think you’ll like the photoperiod strain :wink::v::bear:


I agree with @MattyBear. In my opinion the only advantage you gain with autos indoor is that you don’t need a light tight space to grow in. If that’s not of concern, you get a lot more flexibility with a photo plant.


Exactly what they said! You can’t control the autos as well. They will start to flower around 5-7 weeks (completely varies). Photos you control based on light schedule.

You can also mother/clone photo-flower MJ.

I had a White Widow Autoflower lockout right at bloom. If it was a photo, I could have kept her in veg till recovered. I had to run with a crappy plant cause it flowered regardless. I turned her into hash instead…

Best of luck on your grow!