Feeling ill - yellow leafs

From being very green, very lush it went to looking like this in a few weeks. This is a non-auto that is getting the black box treatment since our days are still too long.

What is wrong with her?

Growing in a pot with good soil, outdoors.


What nutrients and feeding routine are you using Growmie, input PH and PPMs and run off of these 2. Lower leaves fade with age but upper and middle are typically a PH, nutrient or coukd be over watering :love_you_gesture:

I don’t feed them anything, never have. I just plant them in very well fertilized soil and let’em grow until the end. This has worked for me over the years and the yellow leafs have never been this plentiful before. Yes, yellow leaves at the very end of the flowering cycle a few weeks before harvest has occurred. But this lady has many weeks to go (as you probably can see).

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OK, ok. Just to forestall all of the guys screaming give’er N, I’m gonna give her some N.

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Found some 19-0-19 fertz and sprinkled some on her and her friends. Let’s see if this has any effect.

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Could be the nutrient PPMs in the soil were less than the others when you potted it up?? If you’re using bag medium, this happens often. I’ve done slurry test straight from the bag of several FFM mediums with readings from 1400-3000 PPMs and a PH of 5.5-6.8 :love_you_gesture: