Feeding Schedule for Autos

I have been looking for a Feeding Schedule for Autos.

With the assumption that most autos mature faster than normal seeds. With that in mind, is there a different feeding schedule for the autos in which can flower faster?

If you have a link to a post, I tried to search for it.

Any Ideas would be great!


Amnesia Haze Autoflower ~consolidated notes - #10 by Screwauger

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I don’t believe most autos mature that much faster than photos. Seems to be around 4 weeks give or take for both. Screwauger seems to have a really good feel for the autos and suggests continuing a veg recipe for a couple weeks after pistils. I’d go with that and tweak as you see fit.

@Covertgrower Thanks a million, Great read, it did sum up a few questions I had.
This gave me insight to some misleading info I had been reading.

@dbrn32 After reading @Screwauger post, it become clear that the schedule was not really a faster on an AUTO, thanks for reaffirming what I was getting out of the post.

Any Advice on what type of nutrition’s to use during the different stages?

I am sure this is an opinion,… but … . "what is the best Nutrition type, that you have found that, has worked good for DWC system with Auto’s

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@kw_Bat I have no experience with nutrients in hydro.
General hydroponics is good for hydro. Anything water soluble, but nothing organic.

It’s faster at developing, and some planning ahead is involved, but the stages of life are the same.


If you’re looking for autoflower plants to adhere to breeder estimates (say 85 days from seed to harvest) then by all means switch to bloom nutrients as soon as pistils appear. This will give you the best chance of reaching maturity within the breeder estimate.

Otherwise, auto’s mature at a similar rate as do photo’s once the flowering phase begins in earnest.

My feeding schedules for auto’s are specific to autopots (hydro) and rarely exceed half of that recommended on the bottle/packages. That’s more related to continuous feeding that is supplied by autopots. Otherwise, I think google will give you some decent results for comparative purposes as to what typical auto growers feed. @kw_Bat

Seeing now that you are using DWC (hydro) here is a couple sample ffeding schedules for auto’s. I have had very good results using Advanced Nurtients Ph Perfect Sensi Grow and Bllom products (despite the fact there were issues also). I have also used the modified lucas formula with auto’s and that is using general hydroponics three part nutes (only Lucas only uses the micro and bloom, no grow)


Google will make you smart… I will keep digging… thanks for your feedback!

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This helps with the right track… it did connects some dots for me! :sunglasses:

thanks for the input…

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Screwauger, this is what I was looking for, I am new at DWC and have considered the AUTO pots.

I just didn’t know where to start, I need some kind of base to start with what nutrition to start with and when…

I see that all of manufacturers have their own feeding schedules, I didn’t know how to marry up the Nutrition mix and schedule I use verses Auto’s needs itself, verses the type of system I use…

this helps…


As far as the different brands go, all of the company’s use the same handful of components to build their synthetic packages. There’s just differences in concentrations and mixtures, and how you apply each.


Keep in mind that all of these schedules (and mine) are based on sowing the seed into it’s final pot (no transplantings) and feeding on these timelines once the firsdt set of true leaves is visible.