Feeding based on PPMs

Hello fellow growmies! Question when it comes to feeding in soil and perlite medium. Now I’ve heard the best way to feed is by testing ppm first. So do I first feed the plants RO water till runoff test it, and based on test add nutes then feed again? Or do I add nutes and based on runoff dilute it with water or add more nutes? Thank you everyone

Ideally you’d be testing the runoff from when the soil is new. Depending on your soil, and how strong it is starting off, you’d probably have a pretty high reading at the beginning. Then each time you water them you should see the number coming down. I start adding base nutrients when my ppm level dips below 1100 or so in the 700 scale. I use some additives before that, but no base nutrients.


And don’t test the first portion of the runoff. It’ll be higher probably.


What soil are you using if fox farms Happy frog or ocean forest its good for around 3 to 5 weeks oneces ypu hot abput 4 weels just water with plain ro and test the run off if its 1000ppm or under is when you would start nutrients 900ppm to 1000ppm when you test the run off dont bother feeding nutrients rite afyer just wait a few days like normal then start the nutes nedt watering


@WhiteWidowFeminized above correct and my soil, FFOF and peAT MOSS,
I needed Dolomite lime added to soil for PH lock-out recovery.


When I used soil, before any went in the pot, I did a slurry so I knew what the starting point was.