Feeding, and are my plants ok?

My plants are a little over 3 weeks in the pot. They are all 3-4" tall with very small stems. I planted them in potting soil. the first 2 weeks they were under an inferior grow light which I have since replaced with a 4 bulb t5 that is 5 inches or so from the tops of the plants. They under the grow lights 24 hours a day. Gorilla Glue. I have only fed them ac couple times as I am confused about the feeding schedule. I have a product called Budha Grow from Roots Organics 2-.025-1.5. I have tried to be careful managing the amount of water as to not to over or under water. They are in clay pots with drainage. Some of the lower leaves are turning a bit yellow. Should I be feeding these plants with the fertilizer every time I water? Once a day? Once a week? they seem to be behind a friends plants who has a greenhouse. Will try to attach a picture, I hear its not working that well.!IMG_1589

What you feed will depend on exactly what soil you are using.

The little round leaves will yellow and fall off. It’s normal.

They look leggy, but it sounds like you’ve already addressed lighting.

Plants that small only need a few ml of water per day.

thank you.

I see purple stems… seems to me u already have a calcium and magnesium deficiency

Nice house tho. I mess with the granite color😂