Favorite strain from ilgm

Hi all my friends. Wanting to know whats your favourite stain. Why. And how easy does it grow. The ups the downs and maybee even the inbetweens.

Ive only grown the white widow auto but i love it so its my number 1 at the moment. I found it very easy to grow and germinate. 10 sprouts from 10 seeds. White like snow in flower with a sweet smell. Also the trimmings made great hash. Also i was happy with yield for an auto.

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WWA is my first attempt at ILGM stock as well… just got my seeds last week… have three little half inch sprouts today after Monday planting… very happy with the results so far… germed three…three broke ground…and in just over 48 hours…

still light on equipment so for this grow my objective is to learn a few things and make it to the end…having a good harvest will be gravy, lol… but it would be sweet to harvest enough to make it through to the next harvest.

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I do great on these buddy. Last time i ran 2 plants and had nearly 10 ounces dry bud. What lights you using. Have you got a post. I do. 4 days ago i sprouted. We will be at same points. Id like to follow your progress and you can mine.

I’ve only tried 2, the ILGM White Widow Autoflower, and Blueberry Autoflower.

I just ordered more Blueberry autos. :slight_smile:

So far, I liked the way they have grown for me, the smell and the high
more than the White Widows I’ve grown.

It also has yielded the most for me so far.
It is also a fast grower.
Start to finish between 60 and 70 days.


@StonedBlind thanks for that. Ill take a go at one of them i recon. Howed you grow it. What medium.

I used a soiless mix.
Pro Mix BX, and perlite.

I am using advanced nutrients line of nutrients.

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I am in pre-flower with White Widow fem so far so good.
I grew 2 Strawberry Kush last time and had a nice harvest so that is my #1 right now
I am in Sunshine #4 and using Advanced nutes
trying my first SCROG.

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I like the Autos myself, did well on my first ILGM grow with them , I also planted a Feminized White Widow, check out “Holy Crickies look at the Triches” the fourth pic down is a Fem WW. Very easy to grow and fast as well, Tons of Bud.

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@Paulcrf you will be happy with the ww. Is it auto or photo.

She is photo. I am very height limited so my first few grows I learned how to LST, next I tried super cropping and now I am on to a SCROG.
I was using a short veg time so the stretch didn’t out grow my space but with the screen I was able to veg for a month. I am interested to see the difference in yield. Here is Betty…


I’ve only tried the White Widow so far, I have 2rd Generation going now I absolutely loved it ! … great day timer, great for the beach just the right amount of energy, positive ‘up’ effect, fast and easy to grow, heavy yielding great plant, give it a try!


That is music to my ears…