Favorite BUD pictures... ONLYDANK

I see some wild wild buds that dont even look like they would smoke in a joint… here’s a good one for example



I’ll call this a Bud Bowl. It burns quite nicely



Damn like some outer space weed. That is beautiful smoke there boy boy

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Ended up with 12 ozs dry. Good smoke but by no means the best. This harvest (a month ago) was good last week, this week it is stupid good. 2 hits flat fucks me up now, any more and I get stupid!


Look up gage gree group… that’s some next level ish right there… I cant pic one favorite :slight_smile:

Is that supposed to be " gage gree"

Gage green group


Damn they be proud of their shit for sure.

There phenominal… I think there better then aficiando estates… more holistic approach to everything they do …superb quality EVERYTHING

I’m sorry this is all gage green… shoe me s better line up then this. REDICULES


:point_up_2:highschool sweetheart

:point_up_2:seven steps to heaven


:point_up_2: Guiding light



Phenominal every last one I’ll post some others I dont names of


Damn! Lookin awesome


I’d recommend him to make a strain called
Domino (the sugar company)
The Holy Grail - ThG

Berner aka cow wet of the exotic cookies brand…
Some of the best looking,best tasting and the most crazy colored buds I have ever seen grown have been by this guys brand and all the different breeders he works with.
Some of the best in the states​:+1::+1:

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